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I attended my first Rotary Club meeting at a five-star hotel last night, and only because my padrino has been inviting me to join for the longest time.

It was not bad, I am actually looking forward to joining a prestigious organization.I believe I have reached a stage in my life where I should share my talents and serve the greater community. In the past seven months, the only thing I’ve done was give away my old TV set and component to my indigent neighbors in Pasay.I would definitely like to do more.

Jun, the Rotary Club president, apprised me that there are three main reasons for joining: to be in fellowship with other members, to conduct missions to the less fortunate and to “network” for business purposes. Members are clustered into classifications, depending on their field of professional expertise. My group last night had a surgeon, a stock broker, a financial consultant, a shoe manufacturer, a president of an aviation college, a jewelry maker etc. But it’s probably a misimpression that only rich people join the Rotary, I am one glaring example that it is not,haha! I do have to factor in the cost of the weekly dinners and membership dues to my budget but I believe that is manageable compared to the benefits involved. Mind you, the benefit is not just knowing the right people but making a difference. After all, we cannot serve humanity alone.

The meeting was very ordinary in the sense that they were sharing jokes and discussing the technicalities of the forthcoming visits of the sister clubs from HK and Taiwan. However, I was assigned to interview past club presidents as a member of the publicity committee for the club anniversary and that will keep me busy for now.

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