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Even though Friendster Blogs powered by TypePad was launched in the US and Canada last year, it was only this week that I noticed the neat “create blog” button on my local Friendster site. Thereafter, there was an email notifying me to view a friend’s blog that had just been created using the service.

I don’t know how Friendster’s latest offering will catch on among the site’s numerous subscribers. I do know that the Pinoy Friendster team (hello, where are you?) appear to be on a marketing blitz to take advantage of Friendster’s popularity among Filipinos. They have launched features like the horoscope, online photo album, classified ads and now this blog thingy.

I am not really tempted to try this blogging service anytime soon, knowing that am already hard put in maintaining this one. Bona fide bloggers will probably say it’s too late in the day to start anew but it could encourage those who have not been exposed to blogging yet to broadcast their life and express their views. TypePad‘s features appear to be user-friendly.

Just an observation: I can’t remember anymore the terms and conditions I agreed to when I became a Friendster member but the site’s photo uploading service is certainly one of the most liberal there is. That’s because aside from children, animals and what-have you, they allow photos of fully naked men/women, for Chrissakes!

And this is also the same Friendster which fired an employee in its US headquarters for blogging.

I rest my case.

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  1. Ed inocente says:

    hi i want to know how set layout in freindster can help me!!!

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