Shai’s tips on “successful blogging”

I first got to know Australia-based professional blogger Shai Manuel-Coggins last month when she left a comment on this blog. I paid her a visit and was amazed at this lady’s numerous online involvements. She is truly one person who has maximized the many uses of the blogosphere for positive ends. Newbie bloggers are particularly advised to visit one of her pet projects,,- a division of the New York Times – which provides one with a comprehensive resource slash guide on blogging effectively. One can learn here precious tips on observing proper netiquette, how to make trackbacks, how to use RSS and improving your blogging in general.

In this week’s Blog-o-Rama, we asked Shai what advice she can give on being a successful blogger.

According to her, a successful blogger must…

1. blog regularly.
2. have great original content, or aggregate great content from elsewhere.
3. have a personality that shines through, even when not blogging about personal matters
4. must be reliable and trustworthy (never copy, spread rumors etc.)
5. must know how to develop good relationships online
6. never give up!

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