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Yay! I didn’t expect to get my super-special present a week before Christmas and now I am a happy owner of the Sony Ericsson W550i, otherwise known as “the other Walkman phone.” All I can say is that it’s damn good ~ well, at least better than the basic phone I had before this.

What I was thinking before buying: “Oh gee, these unscrupulous merchants have jacked up cellphone prices just because it’s Christmas. But since I might spend the money on something else, sige bilhin na nga! (Go ahead, I’ll buy it!)”

Total damage: 15K at the Robinsons Manila Telecoms World


What I like about this phone:

256 MB of internal memory (sorely needed for storing my large number of contacts)

1.3 megapixel cam

user-friendly nav key on the front panel

a flashlight!

great sound quality, great voice reception

slim & handy form factor

not only has an FM radio but is definitely a Walkman music player

easy transfer of songs from PC to phone with Disc2Phone software

cheaper than its brother, the W800


the keypad feels awkward at first and takes getting used to

“missed calls” from a single number list only the last time called

the “twist” mechanism which I don’t get the rationale for. Why doesn’t SE just have a slider?

clumsy looking part on the uppermost portion na parang hood ng sasakyan

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  1. sha says:

    wait a minute let me get my currency convertor… mag kano?
    hehehe am a cell techno idiot love.. dont you think by the time you have figured it out you will be dreaming of the latest 😉

    oh food tag would you like to do it pls do I didnt tag kasi I feel like a burden… you know with busy week xmas… I will update my POST AND SAY I TAG THE FOOD & TECHNO PRINCESS…

  2. ajay says:

    Hi Sha..instant response, haha. I just have this feeling am going to enjoy this phone for long. I can’t afford to change my phones every so often.. mapapagod si fafa:grin:. Okay, okay..I’ll try to answer your tag if only because… I really love your website now:).

  3. Anna Lyn says:

    Hei Sha and Ju, Sorry if I had to cut our chat session today. It was 8:00pm here and no one has eaten yet at that time. Anyway, enjoy your phone Ju. Sony Ericsson is a good phone.

  4. toni says:

    Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiice! 🙂

  5. owen says:

    hi ajay, i have been a Sony Ericsson fan all my life and never did I regret. Ive lost most of them though, but that didnt deter me from getting my next SE phone.

    Yeah I agree, this one looks really different from its predecessors but Im sure it will be just as good!

    Enjoy your toy an have a Merry Christmas!

  6. countertop says:


    I use my cell phone as an alarm clock and also as a flashlight. My wife generally goes to sleep before me and doesn’t like me to turn the lights on when I get in bed so I open up the phone and have more than enough gentle light to see my way around.

  7. ajay says:

    Am glad you agree with me on this choice, folks. Makes me feel better about making the decision. Happy holidays!:smile:

  8. AnP says:

    oooohhhh… i like!

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