Go ahead amuse me: an email that throws me off kilter

One thing about being a blogger and being Google-able is that you get all sorts of comments and feedbacks. For example, I woke up early this morning to find an interesting email in my inbox (where else?) It’s the owner of “a start-up web design and development company” in Hawaii who was recruiting me as a web copywriter. The offer seems good since it is “work-from-home” with a promise to be relocated overseas, if all goes well, and of course I presume one will also be paid in $$$$.

It would have been one of those garden variety emails if not for the fact that the sender couldn’t help but make a reference to my blog posts, specifically my About section.

This person writes: ” Before I get into the details of the position I need to fill, let me comment on some of the things you wrote on your blog…”

“Ajay has been travelling a lot lately that she hasn’t had time to use her vibrator and breathe.”

Edit: travelling is spelled with one l
Edit: “and” should also be included in the strikethrough
Comment: the good thing about using a vibrator is that you only have yourself to worry about. So, what’s the problem? 😉

“Ajay is a fan of the following: sex
Comment: who isn’t?

“Ajay’s three secret wishes which will probably be unfulfilled during her lifetime: being a vegetarian, being a lesbian and doing a threesome.”

Vegetarian: why in the world would you want to give up meat?!?

Lesbian: why in the world would you want to give up meat (the other kind)?!? 😉 Enjoy the best of both worlds and become bisexual instead.

Threesome: so, there are still people out there that haven’t done a threesome, huh? 😉 I’m guessing that this is a wish that might be hard to fulfill in the Philippines because of the conservative nature of people there. The solution is probably to a country that it a little more open-minded. See my offer below.

To Whom It May Concern:

1. I get worried when am too busy to use my vibrator because am quite addicted to it.

2. Believe me, there are people who don’t like sex. I’ve had a boyfriend who was like that.

3. Ergo, he probably made me close to The Vibe.

4. No, I will never give up meat. Especially with that luscious oh-so-tender lamb T-bone I had last night.

5. I don’t know about this bisexual/ threesome thing when I don’t even have a sex life to speak of. Specially a sex life with the man I want (not necessarily the bf who didn’t like… sex)

6. So much of the Philippines being perceived as a conservative country. I’ve never seen a bunch more horny.

Hmm, am still trying to figure out if I’d like to work for this email sender.

But if the money talks :P…..

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  1. Lawrence says


    you should just move to England and live with me…..I will keep you happy and very satisfied!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😉

  2. says

    I have a theory that says a county’s perceived conservatism is proportional to how horny its people really are…for example, consider Japan, which I think all would agree is perceived as a very conservative, traditional society. Yet, the Japanese (well, Japanese male at least) have got to be some of the most sex crazed people. Go on the internet and look for “adult” Japanese content (it isn’t hard to find) and you’ll know what I mean. These guys are horny!

    Anyway, I think the real question on everyone’s mind (well mine) is: what kind of threesome are you talking about? female-male-female or male-female-male? Just curious.

  3. says

    hehehe u do know that like him i was also amused by your “about section.” kung meron lang ako company tulad nya baka kalabanin ko pa sya sa offer hehehe. and i also dream about doing a 3some, female-male-female (oops!) 😀