A blogger’s tips on keeping the creativity juices flowing

Bloggers are thinkers, that much is a fact. It takes one to contribute sensibly to the marketplace of vast information and ideas, which the internet has become. But one may ask, how does one blog day in and day out? I can’t say for sure. In these past three years, there were times when I had writing fits (this was rare) and more times when I had mental block and chose to forget about blogging because I have a thousand other things to do in my life. I guess that when you feel you said everything there is to say in the blank online canvas, things like passion, time management and creativity play a part. So how does one keep the creative juices flowing? Here’s my own twenty five cents’ worth:

List it down. I find that keeping a small notebook or inscribing something in the Notes application of your phone is handy for writing down your ideas as they come. One is not always in front of the computer and there are inopportune times like when you’re about to go to bed and your thoughts are running off. It is always best to list down thoughts as they cross your mind.

Declutter. Doing so doesn’t only mean keeping tangible stuff at bay. It also means freeing your mind from worry, hyperactivity and other worthless imaginings. Creativity can only grow in a field ripe for flowers, a thousand flowers, to bloom πŸ˜›

Acknowledge your feelings. Creativity varies from person to person – it does not only stem from positivity but from negativity as well. We remember of course that the world’s greatest writings were penned by people suffering from extreme depression and poverty . But there’s also nothing to prevent you from writing those happy thoughts when you’re feeling inspired and all right with the world. Go ahead, share your message, coming from whatever kind of feeling it is.

Look around. Explore. No plant ever grows in a shade. Though blogging by nature is a solitary activity, it is one that also flourishes with lots of interaction and community. Exploring also means feeling the buzz, reading up on what other people are writing or talking about, or simply reading.

Write, write, write. Blog, blog, blog. I don’t believe that one has to craft a masterpiece before hitting ‘Publish.’ The blogger is still his own publisher and he doesn’t have to be bound by rules by what is fit/practical to see print. Blogging when the mood suits you practices your skills and if you don’t feel like it, you can always press the ‘Save’ button.

Scout around for a friend, mentor or idol. A person who can share inspiring words or will simply inspire you with his accomplishment or work.

Take a break. Corollary to acknowledging your feelings, acknowledge also that you are also human and suffer from bloggers’ block/mental block EVERY once in a while. In this regard, it is always best not to feel pressured and take a break. Go ahead, forget The Blog and get a life! Hopefully, you can come back refreshed and energized.

This post on creativity was written by a person suffering from creative block as part of a call to share awesome tips and tricks by the brilliant guys over at DBT.

There were a total of 122 entries for this writing project. Apologies because I wasn’t able to go through all for lack of time.. a shout-out to these posts I found particularly useful:

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Can’t wait to hear the winners πŸ˜€

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  1. says

    I started blogging only last year because I was insecure of my writing. Like your tip said, just write, write, blog, blog. In the end, it is not the writing, It is in the message.

  2. says

    hi ajay! i’m an avid reader of your blog! i hope you don’t mind that i placed you on my blogroll. i wanted my friends to be able to visit yours too.

    i so can relate on the first tip – listing ideas down. i always have a small notepad and a pen and i list down stuff that comes to mind any time of the day or any ideas that is interesting enough to blog about. it helps a lot, since i don’t have a very good memory! πŸ™‚

  3. says

    Hi Bert. Do I have a feeling that you\’re blogging soon? Wow. Anyway, the rule applies in daily life:)

    Yourfriend.. tall order, but applications are open πŸ˜€

    You\’ve come a long way, Noemi…

    Hey Lizeth, thank you:) yes, writing down helps since our memory fails us sometimes. Regards

  4. says

    Your last point sits well with all of us at the IINDM (International Institute of Not Doing Much). We believe in taking breaks. The more the better.

    If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing slowly. We are in complete agreement with you. See our manifesto at SlowDownNow.org.

    Creatively yours,


  5. says

    Your..? Like what? Please state your, ehrmmm, position. Position applied for πŸ˜€

    Christopher, thanks for dropping by. I’ve checked your website. I’d like to be an IINDM member actually.

  6. says

    Good to hear you found this useful, Ernesto:)

    Yay! Thanks Spanx. Pwede bang INENG ng blogging sa Pilipinas na lang πŸ˜›

  7. says

    “We remember of course that the worldÒ€ℒs greatest writings were penned by people suffering from extreme depression and poverty”- or maybe just to get out of depression! Hahaha! πŸ™‚ Love the tips, I so agree and can relate πŸ™‚

  8. yourstruly says

    ok, I won’t jump ahead of myself. Let’s milk the first 3 first. You have a lot of friends, let me be one of the multitude, then, you can be my idol and I’ll be your under stud.

    later on we can be loners.


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