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shrimp biryani at  ghazal

For this lazy Thursday, am suddenly craving for a tasty serving of shrimp biryani at Ghazal, the best little hole-on-the-wall for Middle Eastern food in my book, even better than Shawarma Center. Don’t expect anything fancy, the resto is an affair of eight or so tables in the busy thoroughfare that is Mabini St. in Manila, a walking distance from the Hyatt Hotel. What you can find here: various kinds of biryani and tikka, kebabs, lassi and other home-cooked specialties that escape me now. In this place, I go to the extremes and slather my hot rice with butter… it’s really good!

Ghazal just happens to be one of a few restaurants in the city serving authentic halal food. There is certainly much demand for places offering halal food… but the question is, where to go?

For purposes of this discussion, halal means food that’s permissible to consume by Muslims and non-pork eating people. They shouldn’t contain pork or pork-related products (such as lard) and must have gone through the proper slaughtering process.

Luckily, I have Facebook friend Fahim to show us. There happens to be a useful guide being distributed to students of Asia’s top management school AIM which should come in handy for expats and Muslim tourists to the country looking for genuine halal food. Here it goes:

Assad’s Café – Pakistani joint serving decent Indian and Pakistani fare. Value for money. Meals cost P400 for two. U.N. Avenue, opposite Unilever, Paco, Manila. Telephone No. 5261349, 5265034

Ghazal – Muslim-owned eatery. 1551 A. Mabini Street, Ermita, Manila

Halal Caterer to Indonesian & Brunei embassies (Gerry) – serves/caters halal meals on daily basis on request; separate cutting boards, knives & utensils for halal meal preparation. Charges Peso 40 delivery charge per dinner, if less than 5 orders. Cebu Financial Services, Rolex Building, Paseo De Roxas (next to AIM)

Hossein’s Persian Kebab – Meals for two cost an average of P1,000. Original branch at 7857 Makati Avenue, Makati (Telephone no. 890-6137) Can also be found in Serendra.

Jakarta Inn & Restaurant – Serving mainly Indonesian specialties. 2082 F. Benitez St. near cor. San Andres, Malate, Manila. Tel. No. 521-4116

Jerusalem – two branches, in Malate and Makati Avenue.

Kashmir – Indian fine dining restaurant. Branches in Padre Faura St., Malate, Manila and Pasay Road, Makati City (tel. no. 8444924)

Makati Cinema Square – Filipino Halal cuisine. Owner speaks on Tagalog when contacted by phone. They also have a Musalla next door.

Manita Caterers – Serves halal Lunch & dinner on all weekdays at AIM pool side. Also undertakes catering of Indian food and snacks on request. Mobile No. 09189235696

Moud’s Chicken Halal – located just a stone’s throw away from the Golden Mosque in Quiapo. This district also has a number of other halal restaurants. 827 Globo de Oro Street, Quiapo, Manila. Tel. No. 488-5006

New Delhi Restaurant
– Only the lamb is Halal, not the chicken. 1418 President Quirino Avenue, South Superhighway Paco, Manila. Tel. No. 5629160

Prince of Jaipur
– Owner says he procures the lamb in Australia for the shawarma, not sure if this is halal. Branches in the Mall of Asia and Unit -E, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig ( Tel. No. 8841692-94)

Queen’s Restaurant, Jupiter St., Makati City – halal on prior request only.

Swagat Indian Restaurant – 119 FCC Building, Rada Street, Legazpi Village, Makati. Telephone No. 7525669.

Shawarma Snack Center – A place famous for their shawarmas, priced between P48 to P70. Rice dishes also available. 485B R. Salas Street, Ermita, Manila

shawarma center

The Curry Leaf – Can be contacted at 776-3084 or 0915-7704433.
Claims to be certified Halal by Imams and also the Philippines Halal Fatwa Council.

Chicken Bacolod (different from Bacolod Chicken Inasal) – eat at your own risk; the chicken cannot be confirmed as halal, although the owner is Muslim

Ziggurat – cozy resto serving African, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern & Indian cuisine. Sunette Tower, Durban Street corner Makati Avenue, Barangay Poblacion, Makati. Tel. No. 8975179

The anonymous guide ends with a note on “international chains misunderstood to be halal in the Philippines:”

KFC – KFC Philippines use pork lard to fry its chicken and patties. This has been confirmed by very good sources.

McDonalds – McDonald’s in the Philippines is NOT halal. Although they have started using vegetable oil for the past two years to fry their patties, the meat is still not halal. However, the fillet-o-fish burger may be consumed.

Pizza Hut – not halal in the Philippines, not sure even about the oil being used for veggie pizzas

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  1. ZAINAL YAN says:

    Dear all. I am now in Manila and have located the place where Farniza Halal Restaurant have moved to. The restaurant is now located at Sta. Monica Street. Near Robinson’s Adriatico Entrance of Robinson’s Supermarket. Their food is as good as before! However the restaurant is smaller than it was when it was located on Padre Faura St. Price remain reasonable.

  2. ajay says:

    Thanks for the tip. Gotta try out Fharniza sometime

  3. naved says:

    I am comiing to Manila for a week time and I would like to m,eet a few Muslims. Please contact me if possible.
    Makkia Books

  4. Yasdr says:

    I love ghazal! Thank you for the post!

  5. azmiy says:

    Just arrived in Manila. Thanks for this info on halal food. Really helpful. I used to eat McD’s Fillet-O-Fish everyday but with this info now I don’t have to..haha

  6. Fadzli says:

    Hi. I recently found this page. I’ll be going to Manila in mid September and most likely staying at Manila Marriot. Just want to know how can I find Halal food around Manila Marriot? Does the hotel serve Halal food?
    Hope somebody can help. It’s my first time in the Phillipine. Thanks

  7. ameenah says:

    wow! that’s our favorite resto..Gazal has organized staffs and foods are so great..we usually ordered “laham mugalgal” and “kobs” for breakfast..even their biryani rice with fried tilapia is pretty much savory..me and my husband discovered this resto last Feb.2008 and until now nothing has changed even the smile of their active waitresses..keep up your good work, may Allah bless you more.:-)

  8. syah says:

    Im going to manila in DEC..any hotel serve halal food? or any hotel near with the halal restaurant?

  9. Khalifah101 says:

    what a useful guide..thnx a lot~!!

  10. SAYEDY says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Wr. Wb!

    This is to inform you that we are supplying Halal fresh mutton, chicken, beef carcasses and Halal Beef Hamburger in Metro Manila, Philippines. Also Halal spices…

    For orders, please call my Nos.: 624-0766; 09178089867 (Sayedy.

    Jazakallahu Khair.

  11. assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh, this is for my muslim brothers and sister in islam do not put our ibadah into nothing by means of eating haram foods, be aware ,we are taught abt the things that is clean and permissable for us as well us those we called harram that is clear and between of this are maushbooh or doubtful.and for our brothers and sisters in christian faith halal means a. Does not contain any component or raw materials from animals that is not Halal.
    b. Does not contain any ingredient that is considered haram or najis (fithy).
    c. During is preparation, processing or manufacturing, the tolls or equipments used must not be contaminated by the product with ingredients which are considered haram or najis.
    so lets eat halal foods and live in clean and healthy living for inquiries of halal certified restaurants and supply of halal foods within metro manila pls cntact me yasir,09069303618

  12. SAYEDY says:

    Manufacturer ? Trader
    Maharlika Village, Taguig City, Philippines
    Contact Nos.: 624-0766 ; 09178089867
    Email Address: biofoodhalalproducts@yahoo.com

    15 December 2011

    Dear Sir. / Maam,

    Assalamu Alaikum (Peace be upon you)!

    This is to inform you that our company is now manufacturing and distributing Halal certified meat and spices products. Attached herewith is the list of our products with their corresponding prices for your reference.

    MEAT PRICE per Kilogram
    Mutton (Kambing) P350.00
    Ground Mutton P400.00
    Beef P335.00
    Ground Beef P340.00
    Whole Dressed Chicken P160.00
    Boneless Breast Chicken P175.00
    Tocino Boneless Breast Chicken P190.00
    Marinated Whole Chicken P170.00
    Marinated Beef (Tocino and Tapa)P380.00
    Beef Patties for Hamburger P7.00 each
    Boneless Milkfish (Bangus) P200.00
    Marinated Boneless Milkfish
    (Tocino and Tapa) P250.00
    Spices (Curry, Paprika, Chili and Turmeric, etc.), Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
    Note: We still offer free delivery/meetup to the following selected Metro Manila locations for minimum of 10 kilograms. Prices may change without prior notice.
    ? Paranaque, Pasay (Roxas Blvd.)
    ? Manila (Malate Area / Paco / Sta. Ana / Sta. Cruz / Sta. Mesa)
    ? Makati (Evangelista / Buendia / Ayala / Makati Avenue)
    ? Mandaluyong, San Juan
    ? Pasig (Ortigas Center / Kapitolyo)
    ? Taguig

    Best regards and more power.

    Yours truly,

    Marketing Manager
    Cel. No.: 09069303618
    Email Address: yasirabdullah@yahoo.com

  13. afshin says:

    pls include: arya persian\meditranian chain of restaurants in your halal list. branches: greenhills sanjuan tel:5846266 podium mall :5713962 robinsons manila:5673800 and pedro gil manila midtown:5677200. thankyou

  14. aisyah says:

    really.. really helpful, thank you very much to the writer of this valuable information!

  15. HalalGuidePH says:

    Hi, Ajay! Thank you for this article. I’ve been developing a website about halal foods/ Muslim culture in the Philippines since last year and I’ve included some of the info you posted which I didn’t find anywhere else. I’ve also taken the liberty to include those posted by your readers. I hope you don’t mind – many thanks! Although my website is still under development, I’d like to invite you and your readers to check out halalguide.com.ph See you there!

  16. Thendrianto says:

    Hi Ajay, thanks fr this article. Btw, I plan to visit Manila next week and stay at Peninsula Manila. Do you know the nearest halal restaurant from Peninsula Manila (Corner of Ayala and Makati Avenues) ? Thanks

  17. SAYEDY says:

    Persia Grill in Makati is already serving Halal food. The owner is also Muslim Dr. Ali Kazemi

  18. Ice says:

    Mr. Sayedy (YASIR ABDULLAH BANAO) are u still connected with Biofoods? Sent you an email but no reply from you. I got a notification that you read my mail. thanks

  19. syamsul says:

    Hi. I’ll be going to Manila in this march and most likely staying at bay view park hotel,United nation Avenue Manila. Just want to know how can I find Halal food around ? Does the hotel serve Halal food? and location around for my visit?
    Hope somebody can help. It’s my first time in the Phillipine. Thanks

  20. HalalGuidePH says:

    Salam Syamsul. I couldn’t reply directly to your query but I hope you would read this in time for your trip to Manila. You said you’ll be based around United Nations Ave., Manila – check out http://halalguide.com.ph/halalfood/halalcafesrestos/manila/. You should be able to find lots of halal food places near you in that location. Should you need a place to shop halal meat and grocery items, check out http://halalguide.com.ph/halalfood/halalmeat/metromanila/assad-manila/. It also has a restaurant next door. Hope this helps. Have an enjoyable stay in Manila.

  21. Muhamad Ghandhi abdullah says:

    Salam and greetings to all who read this sit. I am Malaysian and intend to visit Manila some time in Mid May 2012. I was previously told – no, warned that Manila has sooo limited Halal outlets for eating.
    With this info I have now, I can rest easy that my luggage for my trip will not be filled with Instant noodles packs and instant chicken curry in a packet
    LOL Thanks guys for the info.o Manila

  22. SAYEDY says:

    Assalamu Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatu!

    Biofoodtech Halal Specialties is now manufacturing & distributing Halal raw meat and its by products for Muslim and Non-Muslim consumer.

    The company’s supplying halal meat in various restaurants, homes and manuafacturing plant in the Philippines. In Sha Allah we can market our halal products for export.

    Jazakallahu Khair.

    located at Maharlika Road, Bicutan, Taguig City
    -Contact Nos.: 09178089867 ; 6240766

  23. SAYEDY says:

    T0 ICE:


  24. yasir says:

    assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wa barakatuh
    alhamdulillah , this is for my muslim brothers and sisters in islam im so happy that you are patronizing halal prepared foods for your healthy meals and of course by not putting your eeman at stake mashaallah ,just a simple warning for all muslims be more aware that there are some people claiming to be muslims that their products are halal just to market it on muslim ummah but really it is not halal ,is not just bec it is
    slaugthered by a muslim once it is mixed in a cold storage together with haram meats it is not halal anymore or if they are using seasoning and spices that is not halal certified it is not halal anymore , so we must be aware ! ask the restaurants who certified them to be halal,is that certifying body is duly recognized ? and audited by the halal authority here in the phillipines. for inquiries and details on authentic halal certified restaurants and destributors of halal meat products call 09051889567

  25. Lusi says:

    There’s one halal restaurant at mall of Asia named martabak cafe, indo-Malay food, such as nasi lemak, nasi goreng, chicken satay, martabak, fried chicken, beef rendang etc

  26. BIOFOOD says:

    – Raw Chicken (any parts) and Breast Fillet, Nuggets, Tocino, Patties for Burger, Tapa, Siomai and Siopao

    – Raw Beef (any parts) and Patties for Burger, etc.

    FOR INQUIRIES: biofoodhalalproducts@yahoo.com.ph
    624-0766 ; 09178089867

  27. BIOFOOD says:

    @ ICE

    OUR EMAIL POSTED biofoodhalalproducts@yahoo.com DOESN’T INCLUDED THE ph. Sorry we forgot it. OUR final email address: biofoodhalalproducts@yahoo.com.ph or contact us 09178089867 ; 624-0766

  28. yasir says:

    there is one thing i want to ask for anybody here ,for the sake of our brothers that is not aware of this things , which of those existing halal certifying body here in the phils is cridible? theres a lot of halal certified products in the market like cornedbeef, hotdogs etc what brand is halal anyway and what is the assurance, salam

  29. Wahida says:

    Salam. Juz been assigned for a task in Manila and will be working around Maybank Phil I’ntl, Pablo Ocampo Sr. Therefore, wud like to know where is the nearest place for me to get halal food. Thanks in advance.

  30. Nf says:

    Hello everybody

    Happy to find This complete trail with a lot of info about halal food. I Think that after few months living In Makati i’ll be Finally able to get Halal méat for home.

    Although, wud like to Have some info about halal restau. In Makati City. Specially In
    The area of RCBC. It’s very hard to find a place Where to Have lunch during the week Since m’y work Is very near.

    Thanks everybody.

  31. BIOFOOD says:

    @ NF

    Look Persia Grill in Makati City owned by Dr. Ali. I think they are serving Halal menus.

    If you cannot find Halal meat for your meals, the BIOFOODTECH HALAL SPECIALTIES is happy to to serving a truly Halal carcasses.

    Jazakallahu Khairan!

    (02-6240766 ; 09178089867)
    Email Add.: biofoodhalalproducts@yahoo.com.ph

  32. Alem says:

    hi! would anyone here know the contact details of the caterer that’s listed above who is stationed outside AIM in the Rolex Center’s building?


  33. Jafri Basron says:

    I’m visiting Manila next week … looking forward to visit those food outlets. Maraming Salamat Po for the information … Mabuhay.

    Jafri Basron

  34. Yudi @ Mohamad Daud says:

    Salam Wahida. Saya dan rakan-rakan berhasrat mahu melancong ke Manila pada bulan Mac 2013. Boleh tak add FB saya dengan e-mel yudimdd@yahoo.com ?

  35. Norasyeth says:


    There is many halal restaurant in Greenhills Manila. Just ask muslim there the direction to the restaurant, thanks.

    Selangor, MY

  36. syafa says:

    At least I know where I can eat during my travel.
    It help us a lot.
    Keep posting!!

  37. Shari says:

    Assalamu alaikum! My name is Shari, a Filipino Muslim. I’ve worked in Singapore and many of my Malay (whether from Malaysia, Singapore or Indonesia) friends and colleagues have expressed their concerns about food when visiting Manila/the Philippines either for business or vacation. I understand their worries since I also grew up in Manila and I know that access to Halal food is not very easy. It’s very nice to know that more and more halal restaurants are opening up, Alhamdulillah. For anyone of you who needs assistance with Halal food in Manila, I’d be happy to guide you and help. =)

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