Ever heard of Killion?

I’ve gotten a lot of searches and inquiries on this site regarding Killion Merchandising in Quiapo. Killion is a very familiar name among people in the food service industry. However, the connection escapes me since I don’t go to this store much; however, I presume you’d have more affinity with Killion if you own a restaurant, baking or catering business. The store is very unpretentious and finding it is hard. You just have to ask a local and they will point you to one of those obscure Quiapo side streets.

What is good, as I found out from my last visit, is that you can buy retail items here too – useful for when you’re just baking cookies for the family and not the whole banquet.

Killion, Quiapo


What you can find in Killion: tapa, or cured beef meat (P200/kilo), chocolate chips (local pack sells at P125/kilo), pistachios, raisins, dates, cherries, almonds, nachos ( P36/package), nacho cheese sauce (P140 per 1 kg tub), mozzarella cheese (P380/kilo), pepperoni (P228/kilo), kikiam (P78/kilo) steaks, Australian beef brisket (P145/kilo), dried casing for longganisa, chap chae noodles, frozen vegetables, canned goods, kani (crab sticks), Shamrock waffle mix… the list goes on and on.

Prices quoted herein were as of my last visit, before New Year 2008.

The secret of Killion’s popularity is perhaps its lower prices and the fact that it has built a loyal base of customers, mostly from the food industry, after all these years.

Quiapo, of course, is also the home of those stores selling cheap household/restaurant products (try Community Commercial). photography shops, the delectable Excelente Ham, fortune tellers, herbalists, fifty-peso street massages, pirated DVDs, under-the-bridge Philippine handicraft shops etc. etc.

Killion Merchandising
40 Orosco Street, Quiapo Manila
tel No. 733-8221, 733-2093
Fax 733-7036
email: killion@tri-isys.com

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  1. says

    Back when specialty stores like SweetCraft and Chefs’ Nook weren’t around, places like Killion served their purpose. It’s a big fave among, as you said, caterers and those in the food industry. For the times I’ve gone to Killion however, I’ve been dismayed with the condition of their products: chocolate chips that have “bloomed,” shriveled walnuts and pecans, and rusting cans of pie filling. Gross.

    Quiapo has its charms and its unique ambience definitely can’t be beat, but I wouldn’t recommend Killion to anyone, not even for the pleasure of saving a few pesos.

  2. says

    Ewweee. Didn’t know this bit about Killion Lori. Let our readers be warned. Are they overstocking then? Their products shouldn’t go stale if there’s big demand for them. Hopefully, not all their products are like that. Customers should be responsible enough to check their merchandise before paying.

  3. rhizza says

    I def agree with you. I went to killion and bought some chocolate bars….lasang panis ung chocolate milk nila.
    tapos, ang sagot lng ng killiion. hindi nmn daw sila ang manufacturer nito. my goodness. pero sila ang seller. . I think kahit expired na ang product binebenta pa. isa pa. the expiration date was excluded