Jollibee TV is coming to town

My whole family loves Jollibee. It is the ultimate Filipino icon.

I love the fact that you can eat a decent meal there for less than $1.

And it’s so true. “The Jollibee mascot is more popular than Mickey Mouse in this part of the world.”

Jollibee is Filipino. Filipino is Jollibee.

Jollitown mascots

Now, for some piece of news.Jollibee has branched out to a cartoon show on television. In a family-oriented format called Jollitown.

The show features your kids’ favorite mascots.

Yum is the imaginative young science expert who loves solving puzzles and mysteries through experiments and high-tech gadgetry. Cheerleader Hetty is the group’s big sister and is looked up to for her sweet, nurturing ways, neatness and self-discipline. The funniest and most athletic of the bunch, Popo loves sports but never neglects his studies and thus always gets good grades. Twirlie, the star performer who loves to sing and dance, is ever curious and inquisitive. And as everyone’s best friend is Jollibee, always good-natured, smiling and playful, he is a natural leader who sets an example for his friends with his courteous , helpful and kind ways.”

- from the official announcement.

Jollitown is coming to GMA7 on April 13, from 9:30 to 10 a.m. Set the date :P

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  1. Maki Eduardo says:

    I used to wonder why the owner picked a bee to be a mascot but it really stands for the Bee producing the sweetness of life…I my prof told me something about it during a discussion about our model entrepreneurs :)

    It’s my first time to see a fresh look on the Jollibee Mascots! When I was a kid, I really wanted Twirlie to be on my birthday but I never got a Jollibee Party! Haha, the sentiments! :P


  2. ajay says:

    Hi Dyanie. Bakit dito sa amin, McDonald’s ang katapat ng church? :P

    Hi Maki. Twirlie..nasaan na nga ba si Twirlie? Good to know from you about what the bee symbolizes…I never knew that;)

    I also saw Jollibee in Hong Kong Bert. I wonder if the product offerings are all the same.


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