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Discussing durian, the fruit, The Philippines most recent celebrity visitor Anthony Bourdain was once quoted as saying in his TV show No Reservations: ” Its taste can only be described as…indescribable, something you will either love or despise. …Your breath will smell as if you’d been French-kissing your dead grandmother.”

Dead grandma or not, durian certainly looked like it was a staple in Davao City – at least for this tourist. Huge pieces of the fruit were laid out on the sidewalks, more than mangoes or watermelon. I actually had to do a double take, as I first thought it was jackfruit or langka, if not for the pronounced spiky ends. Davao City prides itself for being the “fruit basket of the Philippines,” but at least credit it for being focused in marketing its primary product. It should rightfully be called the “durian capital of the country.”


Even the smell of durian is simply repulsive to some, and to adventurous eaters, it is an acquired taste. I remember my first taste of durian ice cream last June in Singapore, and how I’d describe it as an “unpleasant kind of pleasant.” Ugh.

Anyway, I am just amazed how some Davao natives take to durian as if it was green mango and bagoong. Our guide was actually craving for it right after our hearty seafood meal. And to think she had durian shake to go with it.

Durian Shake

The durian shake looked good. I presume the strong durian flavor has already been washed away by the addition of milk, sugar and ice.

Durian cappuccino

But I was proud to have sipped the durian cappuccino which was the signature coffee in BluGre, a popular cafe in the city. A bit pricey at P135, Davao visitors afraid of tasting the real durian should at least have a shot at this one. Maybe they can change their mind. I tried this because am a coffee lover 😛

Pasalubong counter

The pasalubong counter in the Davao international airport also had an array of desserts, from durian pie to durian candies and other tasty bits. Could try some next time.

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  1. MiGs says:

    Hope you’ll visit Davao again!

  2. lori says:

    My god, reading this post energizes my resolve to get myself to Davao. Durian heaven for me!

  3. Maki says:

    I have never tasted durian…hmmm I wonder what it tastes like…

  4. Eric says:

    i so love davao! i love the magsaysay fruit market where durian is aplenty.

    love the durian cheesecake at Lachi’s too! might be back there early next year

  5. Mr Z says:

    Yep, definitely an acquired taste. My Cambodian teacher brought me to a few parties where Durian was served, but it’s a part of Asian food culture I have yet to embrace.

    Ain’t in no hurry, either 😀

  6. reyna elena says:

    I honestly love Davao, the best place to be and to work. I used to travel here back during my Makati days for we have some clients in the area. People are much much friendlier and sociable and the place is quite unbelievable. When I visited lukaret.com in Davao back in May 2008, we had such a blast in the city. Just to many things to do. Pearl Farm, Samal Island, Scuba Diving, Water rafting off Davao River and panga! hahaha! I forgot the market where we shopped but it was all danggit for me. For some reason, i just could not get any connection with durian. Sorry Davao, but that’s just one thing na di ko ma-take hahaha!

  7. pinoyapache says:

    hmmmm…i’m not a davaoeño but how i loved those durians. the chance of going to davao is my only chance also of eating, note this, TWENTY of this porcupine fruit at one setting. haha! they’re food fit for the gods and they’re very cheap here.

  8. witsandnuts says:

    I like anything with durian but I admit that I sometimes chicken out eating just the fruit itself. It’s perfect when it’s in a form of durian cake or coffee. =)

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