Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom, Malaysia

Beryl's Chocolate Kingdom

During this trip, I was glad to discover Beryl’s Chocolates and to visit their showroom-cum-museum in Kuala Lumpur. Actually, it’s a big house converted into a commercial structure. I was thinking that it was such a nice marketing ploy, to promote the brand, and products that are proudly made in Malaysia.There was a steady stream of tourists like us a-visiting, for who can refuse chocolates?

My son, the dessert lover, enjoyed our little tour, particularly as they were giving us free bites of chocolates to sample.

I ended up buying $70 worth of chocs to take home. Silly me forgot to take note of the prices, but they’re definitely lower than Royce.

I absolutely love their Potato Chips Chocolate. You wouldn’t know the difference from the more famous Japanese brand.

Beryl's Chocolate Potato Chips

I also like their melt-in-the-mouth Tiramisu Chocolates. It’s the only Beryl’s product I saw in the Philippines, at only P59 for a small box in the supermarket.

One thing about Beryl’s: they taste like exquisite chocolate but are not too sweet. The literature says their products are made from fine cocoa beans from Ghana, one of the major cocoa-producing countries.

The house sells 100 chocolate varieties but this was certainly unique: Chili Chocolates with just a hint of pepper. (make it piping-hot, Asian red pepper)

Beryl's Chili Chocolate

This Durian Chocolate I didn’t see in Davao, and should be a good introduction for those who detest the taste of durian. The pungent fruit is highly tolerable when mixed with chocolate. Bery’ls offers as well a lot of fruity chocolates like mango and strawberry.

Durian Chocolate

A lady at the factory demonstrates how chocolates are made from cocoa pods. After which, a machine grinds real chocolate in the background.

Beryl's Chocolate factory

Posters on the wall illustrate chocolate’s important role in the history of man. It was even used to barter slaves.


The showroom filled with chocolates boxes and packages. Highly tempting! They will even pack the goodies for you in handcarry boxes.

Beryl's showroom

These chocolates deserve a big MOO! We wanna go back to Malaysia, if only for more Beryl’s.


Aside from Beryl’s Chocolate Kingdom, there is also the Chocolate Wonderland in Selangor, and The Beryl’s Chocolate Boutique in Penang.

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  1. W says

    Cool! I’ve seen some Beryl’s products at SM Dept store, but they’re extremely limited. Tiramisu (squares) lang, similar to MeltyKiss.

  2. Lorna says

    wow sis, looks like a royce competition! Wow wow wow. will definitely check this place when we go back to KL. 🙂

  3. says

    i was able to go here too and i liked the white chocolate with almonds and the other one with strawberry. i have yet to try those choco coated potato chips.

  4. says

    W, I love Beryl’s Tiramisu Choco. Ang Mura pa!

    Lorna, you gotta gotta try their Chocolate Potato Chips!!!!

    Shella, do sample the other chocs next time. Taste-test is free!

    P.S. Beryl didn’t give me a discount in any way to endorse them, hehe

  5. elsa rivera says

    my husband just got back from U.K. and one of his pasalubongs to me was genuine Belgian chocolates. Wahhh sinolo ko talaga as in hindi ako namigay, he-he-he. I was wondering how could these Belgian chocs taste so heavenly? Do Royce and Beryl taste better than these Belgian chocs? I am sure you have tasted them already since you have already gone to Europe.

  6. says


    Anna has certainly tried Belgian chocolates, as I sent her some for Noche Buena!

    Of course, am guessing that the last to pass her lips are her current favorite, so I would go with Beryl’s, in this case.

    No, I haven’t tried any myself. Wonder if there’ll be any left for me, when I return? Heh. 😀

  7. elsa rivera says

    Ajay, have u tried Thorntons Belgian Chocs?

    Mr. Z, may i know what Belgian chocs did u give Ajay last Christmas? Yep, i would really really ask my hubby to try get those for me, (for my birthday) he-he .

  8. says

    Sis Trina, thanks for the link. Choco potato chips, or you miss half of your life 😛

    Elsa, Thornton’s should be good.I can’t remember already what I tasted, that was eons ago 😀 But hey, lots of local manufacturers making good Belgian choco here too. I think Mr. Z was confused, coz Ferrero is Italian and not Belgian, hehe.
    Wits, chili choco was interesting…if only for the novelty

  9. says

    Hi, I’d like to ask where is this Beryll shop located in Malaysia? We’ll be dropping by Malaysia on May and was planning to grab some Beryll chocs as well. How does it fair compared to Royce chocs? is it better?

  10. says

    Can I know how prices of 1kg of Tiramisu, because I already go there buy coklate Tiramisu in 1kg but I forget the price? Because When I go KL on this September many my family want to bought to but I forget the prices. lease Can you sent me about the cataloge & can I buy online. Please you can sent to my email Please!!!!!!

  11. Mai says

    Hi! I’ve been to the Beryl’s factory last year and bought 2 kilos of Tiramisu Chocolate. I wanted to buy online but i was referred to an email na philippine based. I was wondering, what shop or mall is selling Tiramisu chocolate and if its possible to buy online. i;m Davao based. thanks!

  12. lily says

    hi guys!!! M just new here.. just want to spread the good news to all you chocolate lovers.. meron na daw Beryl’s Tiramisu sa Sm, Rustans, Shopwise, Robinson’s, etc. hope u can try it.. it’s really heavenly can’t wait to hear ur comments about it.. mWAhhh!!!

  13. June says

    We made an appointment to visit Beryl’s factory in Seri Kembangan last week. Our names and contact number were jotted down by one lady name Cik Nani. We were told that there would be 3 buses today, and we could join them for the factory visit.

    This morning, when we reached there, we were told that the factory was not open. Only the sto…re was open.

    When we asked them how come we were not made known earlier that the factory would be closed today, specifically we only enquired and were interested in factory visit. No proper explanation was given except that the store was open and we can proceed to buy some chocolate instead.

    We especially made our journey very early in the morning for the factory visit. We were very disappointed with Beryl – not even an apology, but instead being pushed to buy chocolate?

    Apparently, they are only interested in selling, and selling, rather than providing a genuine factory visit.

  14. sue osmond says

    Hi ,can you please let me know if I can order gift from the Uk to kaula lumpa and how Igo about it thankyou

  15. marc says

    Beryl`s chocolates, well they certainly are delicious but their treatment of guests is rude and somewhat disinterested but they do like joking amoung themselves ratehr than taking interst in the customers. They also give a 20% discount to Malay nationals but do not do so for foreigners. No matter how delicious the chocolate is the service is bad bad bad and the way they treat guest is almost with contempt despite us being able to visit their country. I will stick with another maker from nowonwards.