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I promised to myself to travel more this summer, and so I did ~ while fulfilling my long-time wish to see the Pahiyas festival. I was also thankful that I joined a tour group instead of driving out. Paying $20 (or P1,000) for a whole day tour that covered four towns, a hearty buffet lunch and with free halo-halo to boot was indeed worth it. I’d have to commend some travel agencies for making tours around the islands affordable for most Pinoys (and not just tourists or balikbayans.) This was one example where joining group tours is more advantageous than flying solo or venturing out on your own.

Anyway, here’s my picture at the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery with three other travellers I only saw during the trip. Again, the advantage of being in a group tour is that it wouldn’t look so obvious that you’re by your lonesome. And you can always make friends with them! 😀

Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery

Here’s how our itinerary looked like:

4:30 a.m. – Meet-up in Makati City where we boarded a van and have coffee/early breakfast while waiting.

It was a three-hour trip to Lucban, Quezon and I didn’t see much of the scenery as I couldn’t resist sleeping!

8:00 a.m. – We arrive in Lucban, Quezon and take the Pahiyas route. Time to take lots of pictures! Some vendors in the town have export-quality hats made from buntal or buri, and I buy some. There are handpainted ones which cost as little as 35.

Pahiyas  Festival "Hats for Sale"

Somewhere along the way, I chance upon Lucban’s one and only vegetarian restaurant, Steps to Eden and ordered a mixed fruit shake. It was delicious! I couldn’t help but be amazed with the tales of of the owner who said they’ve been tapped to aid in the recuperation of some patients by preparing a special diet that is organic and meat-free. It got me thinking that we really should find time to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Two things that Lucban is famous for: its longganisa (native sausages) and pansit habhab (if am not mistaken, habhab is the act of eating from the leaves, as they don’t serve utensils with the noodles.) You can get a flavorful serving of the Lucban pancit for as little as six pesos!

Pancit Habhab - six pesos!

By noon, we were ready to leave Lucban. The grand parade was at 2 p.m. yet but the tour organizer said this wasn’t advisable, as the crowds get even thicker. We motored off to neighboring Majayjay, a sleepy town in Laguna. Here, we took more pictures of the majestic (and ancient) Majayjay Church.

Our buffet lunch in Torio’s Canteen just across the church was very good, and came with the package tour. We had ample servings of pako (fern salad), fried chicken, grilled pork belly and ginataang tilapia. Lambanog, and an exotic dish of fruit bat was even passed around, but I skipped that. The owners of this countryside resto get high points for hospitality.

Majayjay food

2 p.m. – We arrive in Liliw, Laguna ~ the “Slippers (Tsinelas) Capital of the Philippines. Turns out the town was also celebrating their fiesta. Some groupmates spent the time shopping for sandals and bags. We also taste the halo-halo with cheese in this place called “Liliw Fastfood.” Must-buy pasalubong in Liliw , aside from shoes and slippers: the custard roll in theie bakeshop, ginataang bagoong with santol and pastries from Arabela coffeeshop.

3 p.m. We arrive at the Nagcarlan Underground Cemetery, another religious-historical site in Laguna. More on this in a future post.

Afterwards, we were off to face the horrendous traffic in South Luzon Expressway 😀

This day tour was made possible by:

Nature Awareness & Conservation Club Inc.
Tel. Nos. 5157964 & 8061720

Other info:

Torio’s Canteen
Bgy. Sta. Catalina
Majayjay, Laguna
Tel. No. (049) 305-4995

Steps to Eden
102A Mabini St. Lucban, Quezon
Tel. No. (042) 540-2440

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  1. Lawrence says:

    Hmmm, reading this blog always makes me feel so hungry as the food always looks so good 🙂

  2. Snow says:

    Nice picture and the food so mouthwatering!

    The first pic reminds me so much of Bojeador Tower. Hmmm, which reminded me also that I dont have enough much time in the world to blog everything at the moment. ^_^

  3. Mark says:

    Once again Annalyn I enjoyed reading your blog. This is the type of story you do well . You have engaged the reader , and made this one want to try the fruit bat ! I see them flying over head most evenings , now I want to taste one . You should have ,,,,if only to give your readers an idea . Well done once again you captured the sights and flavours so well .

  4. buntal bags says:

    Wow! With 1k you can experience this amazing experience? I wonder if I can still avail this kind of tour this year. The food, place and those crafted hat which I can pair with my buntal bags here. Thanks for sharing the info and the experience 😉

  5. Liezl Lumbres says:

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