NUKS NUMUN moment: my digital perm at a Korean salon

NUKS NUMUN! is a popular phrase I hear from fellow bloggers these days. I figure that in this age of icanhazcheezburger, it’s a variation of the old and jaded Tagalog term of exclamation “naks naman!” (Wow!) As in “NUKS NUMUN! Buhay pa ba ang gumupit ng buhok mo, sis?” 😀

Barely a month after getting the famous Ricky Reyes haircut, I was itching for change again. It was because my natural curls were showing themselves in their full unflattering glory, which made for an uneven field. It didn’t help that the hubby told me he wanted to see me get a perm before he flew home. So off I went to a Korean salon I’ve been eyeing for a long time, but haven’t tried, and conveniently located at the ground floor of the Pan Pacific hotel in Manila. Have to admit that I tried it just for kicks, as it wasn’t as busy as Tony and Jackey a few blocks away. And I really wanted to try a Korean digital perm.

It’s something that I won’t regret doing, as it made the whole process seem effortless. None of the icky smell that we traditionally know of the cold perm. I forgot the step-by-step process now but it did involve the usual procedure of shampooing/rinsing my hair, cutting (if necessary), drying, twirling my hair under curlers or hot rods and placing it under a rectangular heating machine.

KOrean digital perm

Korean digital perm

The rods got a bit too hot at some point and I thought my scalp would burn, but the attendant remedied this by putting some sheets to make the procedure tolerable. Suffer for beauty, I say. So after less than two hours, the rods were removed and I was ready to embrace Miss Curly Me.

Too bad I don’t have pics of me in my new do, but you can see it somewhere in this blog where am seated beside chef Reggie Aspiras, hehe.

Something has to be said also about the salon owner and lone stylist Moa Hong. He’s young and looked every inch hip and stylish and knew what he was doing. The salon equipment were also very high-tech. At the time I was primped, there were also a bunch of students from Miriam College who availed of the hair rebonding treatment. What I noticed: their rebonding only took two hours or so, probably because of the state-of-the-art equipment. So, quality of work and service aside, I am going to this beauty nook again for my next treatment, or new hairstyle. Probably two or three months from now 😀

As for new digital-permed hair, I liked it because it’s low maintenance. I can basically just get up and go. The salon recommended this nice-smelling wax to be applied after shower, which I bought. And the hubby got me as well this Curl Enhancer from Aveda, and it’s all good!

Digital perm cost: P2,500
Hair Rebonding cost: P2,000
(any length)

Genic Hair Salon
Ground Floor
Pan Pacific Hotel Manila

Tel. No. 496-5853

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  1. says

    I’ve been wanting to have digiperm too Ajay but I am afraid to try. You seem to enjoy the moment.

    Wow, what a change….

    I would like to see the result gurl… ^_^

  2. says

    hello! 🙂 i’m planning to have a digital perm this coming november.. and most of the salons i’ve canvassed ranges from 3500-5000php. May i ask if the 2500 is for any length already? 🙂

    are the results really good? i might go to genic one of these days.. thanks so much for sharing! 🙂

  3. mikayla says

    may i know if changed their price for this year? is the 2k for any length of rebond just a promo?

  4. nina says

    I cant find the picture of your hair with reggie aspiras 🙁 hope you can give me the link to it! thanks 🙂
    im interested in trying out genic salon.

  5. Marcela says


    My hair has natural wave and the new growth at the roots at the front are so unflattering. The length is a couple of inches below the shoulder and I would like to maintain the lenght. Since, it is low maintenance, I’m hoping to have a digi perm but also wants to get rid of the unsightly new growth in the front.

    What do you suggest and please indicate the cost.

    Thank you.


  6. KC says

    Did you know that your blog entry was quoted on cashcashpinoy as a review for one of their salon (Salon de San Lorenzo) deals? I searched for your blog entry to check out your experience with the salon & was surprised to see that the quote was taken from an entry about another salon & for an entirely different service

  7. Ellen G. says

    Hi! I just got a Digital Perm at Chin Korean Salon yesterday (October 07,2011), I liked my curls at first though but now I’m so bored with it coz’ I missed combing my hair (well, that’s what i’m used to) and it’s so hard to maintain a curly hair! and I also realized that I love having a long straight hair! Now, i really want a Hair Rebond but i’m not so sure as to when i can get one, any advice??? I’ve been having my hair rebonded for 5 years now at Luce Hair Salon in Banilad and It was my first time to get a Digital Perm. Can you give me any advice or tips as to when I can get my hair rebonded again since I just had my digital perms yesterday (Oct. 07,2011)??? I hope you can help me! thanks a lot!!!