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Most passengers find it a hassle to rebook, reschedule or even cancel their flights. But a new service from Cebu Pacific solves the problem by giving travelling Juans new options. This is in the form of the Travel Fund it introduced effective December 1. The Travel Fund works like a cellphone load or virtual wallet where flyers can store the value of their unused airline tickets, to be credited for later use.

Also under the airline’s new rules, a person who is unable to use his/her airline ticket can now transfer it to another person, but will be charged with the corresponding name change fee.

In a meeting with travel bloggers, Cebu Pacific’s corporate communications team led by Ms. Viveca Singson said the travel fund program gives CebuPac customers more options. The idea of an electronic wallet is actually practiced by other low-cost carriers in the world but Cebu Pacific now holds the distinction of being the first one to introduce it in the country.

Some of the terms and conditions in the program:

1. In the case of flight rebooking or cancellation, the value of the unused ticket can be stored and used within 90 days of the original flight date, less the corresponding cancellation and other charges.

2. In case of flight cancellation or delay by at least three hours, the value of the ticket can be refunded or stored in the travel fund, without charges. The flight may then be rebooked without any charge for as long as travel is made within 30 days of the original flight date.

3.In case of flight cancellation or rescheduling due to weather and other force majeure situations, the passenger can rebook without any charges provided travel is made within 30 days of the original flight date. Credits can also be stored in the Travel Fund but with a charge since this is considered a cancellation.

4. In case of ‘denied boarding’ due to overbooking or medical reasons, the customer may rebook without panelty for travel within the next 30 days, store credits in Travel Fund without penalty, or get a full cash refund.

5. The fund works like a load in the sense that if the rebooked flight is of higher value than the stored credits, you can simply add to it to make a new booking. If the rebooked flight is of lesser value, the remaining amount in the Travel Fund can still be used within the validity period.

To find out more about this service, visit the Cebu Pacific website, any of the CebuPac ticketing offices and accredited travel agents, or call the 24-hour CEB reservations hotlines at (02) 702-0888, (032) 230-8888.

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  1. dyanie says:

    Hi Ajay! Just wanted to ask the price of the name change fee. How much is it?

  2. ajay says:

    Dyanie, I was told name change fee is P1,200 per person, per sector. Cheers!

  3. thyne says:

    I’m one of the persons who admired of your services. Even though I heard a lot of negative comments from other customers, I still believe that this company is the best.

  4. Jimmy says:


    I missed my flight last Jan 3. and today is Jan 21. and I book may ticket before dec 1. How can I refund my ticket ?

  5. B says:

    This is such a disservice to the consumer. The consumer should be able to choose between this and getting their money back. We had such a horrible experience with this when we had to cancel a booking that was made. Reservation was made for 3 persons and was paid for by just 1 of person. Total cost of tickets was around 8K. Cancellation was made for 2 passengers and we were charged around 650 per leg per person, which translates to 1,300 per person or 2,600 for both. In addition to this we were told that the travel fund would be named after each person and not after the person (Ms. Z) who paid for the whole fare. If Ms. Z wants the fund to be placed in her name, then she would have to ask the permission of the 2 other passengers even if she paid for the whole fare i.e. 3 tickets. Just amazing! What’s even worse is that you have only 90 days to use the travel fund, otherwise say goodbye to your money. I don’t even want to touch on the name change topic. By the end of everything, the fund would have nothing left in it because you’re charged so much for every little change. It’s a lose-lose-lose situation for the consumer. I wouldn’t mind this if the ticket was on promo, but tickets were bought at regular fares. I wonder if it’s the same with PAL?

  6. M says:

    This is not right. What happened to our consumer protection laws? This policy isn’t fair to consumers.

  7. Liza says:

    got a phone call from my friend just this morning, he was in cebu pacific rob galleria in ortigas to cancel flight to bangkok for next month March 8 to 10. Yesterday 2-15-10, i tried browsing your website.. (cebu pacific website) as far as i can remember… refund was being allowed, though it was not stipulated in what form. to make things short. My friend was told that a certain Php2,500.00 will be deducted one way for every Php10,000.00.. which means.. since we booked 2 flight.. we will be deducted Php10,000.00 also because for every individual that has a back and forth compuation would cost Php5,000.00 each. The worse part of this, i told my friend that to be able to enlighten my mind.. kindly ask the person he talked to.. to furnish him a copy of their policy regarding the amount that will be deducted… no policy was given to him instead, he was informed that it was a memo to employees that those amount will be deducted. What else… even if half of the amount will be deducted, we still cannot refund the remaining balance because according to them we have to do another booking so it wont get forfeited… HOLY GHOSTTTTTTTTTTT… We are asking for refund not rebooking. Can somebody from Cebu Pacific explain this to me?…


  8. widmaRT says:

    I would like to rebook my flight for tomorrow. I would like to ask further info on how to rebook and whats the allotted time given for the customers to rebooked their tickets? and could you explain me further with the travel fund issues.

    thank you.

  9. Aries says:

    Hi, would you know weher can I get the change name form for cebu pac? I tried their website but it’s not there. Maybe there is a link for me to be able to hit that at once.

  10. angel says:

    i would actually like to call this another ” Latest Disservice from Cebu Pacific”…. this is why I promised not to ride Cebu Pacific again but then, after my brother cancelled his booking… we are “forced” to make use of the travel fund…can someone please call the attention of the proper authorities on this matter..hindi na ito nakakatuwa….

  11. sukideals says:

    punong-puno ng kaswapangan ang cebupacific. nag-apply ako ng travel fund nung nag-cancel ako ng flight dahil aabutin nga ng 2 months para ma-return yung pera mo. and you have to get it from their office sa manila. grabe! so I was elated nung meron na Travel Funds kahit may mataas na fee. Now, yung 90 days pala nila starts on the day you cancelled your ticket and not the original flight. in the end, na-forfeit ang hayuf na travel funds ko. Bakit pa nagka-fund kung ipo forfeit lang nila! Punyeta!!!

    Sabihin mo dyan sa P.I. n Ms. Viveca Singson na yan na lamunin na nya yung $420 ko! Kanyang-kanya na yan at sana mabulunan siya at nde matunawan!

  12. von valenton says:

    hi.. can i rebook my ticket if it is a promo ticket?

  13. Vic C. Pacifico says:

    All the negative stories are unfortunately true. I got penalized for canceling my booking. My refund was only 1/3 of the total amount and I canceled 4 months in advance. Even more bad news is that the 1/3 is placed into their Travel Fund which you have to use in 90 days. In short, once you put your money in (heck, the credit card company pays for it and you have to pay them later), you can’t get it back. Not even with what’s being mislabeled as a refund. The Civil Aeronautics Board should take action and stop this thievery! While DTI should review the consumer protection laws and regulate this airline.

    Vic(tim) (of) C(ebu) Pacific

  14. maristela says:

    punyetang travel fund… never again will i book for cebu pacific…

  15. ailene says:

    yes how about UK and Canada and Australia visa free po ba ang mga taga philippines pumasok sa country nila?thanks po.

  16. ailene says:


  17. gege says:


    I’d like to know how to use the travel funds ? I cancelled a flight and i like to use my travel funds to buy an other one. Someone could explain it to me?
    Thank you,

  18. c says:

    I do not understand this policy at all! I want my money back! I don’t mind a penalty because indeed I canceled the flight but I should get back some of my money! True, consumers are at the losing end with this airline. Never again will I book with Cebu Pacific!
    In the past, I canceled a flight with them and I got my refund 3 months after. Now, once you cancel a flight, you don’t get it at all. Does the DTI know about this?

  19. P says:

    kaka cancel ko lang ng flight ko papuntang K.L 11K+ ang total ticket ko round trip na yun then nung pina cancel ko ay may 5,000 na charge. bwiset! tapus may natirang 5,800 akala ko pa naman ay makukuha kona to yun pala ay ilalagay sa travel fund. Now nag hahanap ako ng tao para magamit yung travel fund ko and sakin nalang magbayad. isa pa yung name change fee nila. which is 1344.

    Shet ka Cebu Pacific! napaka unfair ng travel fund nyo. Ginawa nyo nalang sanang option yan kung sakaling ayaw i refund yung money.


  20. AkoTo says:

    Huwag na kasi kayong sumakay pa ng Cebu Pacific. Gahaman talaga sa pera!

  21. D says:

    whaaaaat??? a name change fee costs 1344..!!!
    i guess its too expensive, yours is an automated system, so why do you need to charge us that much? 🙂 too much greed can kill you 🙂 tsk tsk!!!

  22. shaz says:

    1,344 po name cahnge fee? ang mahal naman, mas mahal pa sa pina book ko:(

  23. sieg says:

    ginawa din niala sa akin to.sobrang badtrip.wala na natira.tpos wala na ko balak magtravel thru them tapos i told them that i will use it to book my friend’s flight.my corresponding fees na naman daw.syet talaga cla.

  24. sieg says:

    same sentiments.i want them all to die

  25. gayle says:

    can i still rebook my flight a day AFTER its flight schedule

  26. Sam says:

    if the flight is on June 9 2011 can i still change the name?

  27. Joy Manda says:

    This sounds good but… I bought tickets for two people NOT promo fares – no REFUND at all for promos. I used my credit card and it was in my name although the two guests were other people. Of the P12,000 I spent, after cancelation fees, I get P6000 in a fund for three months. HOWEVER since I bought the tickets for someone else – even though it is my credit card – I hsve to get the other person’s signature on a letter and two forms of ID from the other person before I can use the money in the fund. Since they are on a different island I had to pay out of my pocket for travel I needed to book now. The money will sit in the fund for three months. If I get all the proper paperwork and IDs I can use it for yet another fee of P1,200 for a name change fee. We used no of the amenities and paid half of what was spent to the airline to cancel (P6000), I’m not sure that is quite fair…

  28. yakisoba says:


  29. SJB says:

    I’ve been a consistent cebupac passenger, but i will not think twice changing my airline of choice.If Cebu pacific will continue these kind of policies, they will end up having no customers at all.

  30. korean.ofw says:

    …i had been with Cebu.Pac for a couple of times, and never had a problem, considering also that never had i been late to my flights and never did changed my flight schedules., i think you just have to plan ahead of time and avoid cancellations. problems do arise in this particular situations…if u intend to be flexible with your schedules and having thoughts of cancelling/rebooking your flight, i suggest you to fly with other airlines like PAL.

  31. em says:

    I booked almost one year ahead of my schedule, then 1 month remaining left before the flight cebu pacific email me that my flight has been cancelled!!!!!!

    Then they need to change my flight, after my son’s birthday! They said don’t worry since NO penalty will be collected from me for the rebook, are you kidding me?


    Do I have a choice?

  32. shyl says:

    where can i find the application form to change the name? cant find it huhuhu pls help me with this

  33. dogcop says:

    This is a scam. If you need to cancel your ticket or rebook another they only credit you 1/3 of your fee. They pocket 2/3rds. I am still waiting to see my 1/3 of the ticket I purchased in my fund.

  34. king says:

    where can i find the application form to change the name?

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