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We were looking for a dessert place, and was supposed to go to good ol’ Whistlestop when our attention was caught by its classy-looking neighbor, bathed in subdued lights on a balmy evening. The sign said Boutique Cafe, and the image of a mannequin by the entrance dressed in elegant clothes confused me a bit. Surely, there wasn’t any frocks sold in this place, only chocolates of every kind of mouth-watering incarnation.Welcome to Maitre Chocolatier…


At first glance, it looked like a chocolate wonderland with those baskets of Toblerones and bouquets of Ferreros on the shelves. Not to mention a freezerful of different flavors of ice cream in a corner. Looking at the menu, I had to remind myself that we were there for the dessert. My curiosity was certainly piqued with menu items like fried eggplant in chocolate sauce (for the antipasti) and the beef medallion steak in chocolate mustard sauce (listed as an entree). Okay, how about Garden Fresh Salad with White Chocolate Orange Vinaigrette? 😀 The place certainly lived and breathed chocolate!

On to their chocolate desserts, my taste buds were torn between choosing the house bestseller, the Ferrero Hazelnut Crunch Cake called Golden Euphoria, or the molten lava cake “Sweet Revenge” (P250) made from the finest Lindt dark chocolate. I settled for the latter which didn’t disappoint me one bit. It’s certainly one of the most decadent, droolicious lava cakes I’ve tasted in town. Did I tell you that it’s also spicy? The right amount of spice blending with rich chocolate and vanilla ice cream makes for a truly savory dessert experience.


Hubby, meanwhile, ordered the Pistachio Layered Cake (chef’s special, not in the menu) also @ P250 and the Spicy Hot Chocolate (P150) beautifully served in an odd-shaped cup, with a piece of biscotti. Whew! We admit that ordering chocolate drink and an indulgent choco cake is a bit of an overkill. As the cafe’s menu is all-out on chocolate, you have to go here with a really insatiable craving for the C word ~ otherwise, like me, you’d feel “nauumay.” I was quite content pairing my cake with Twinings chamomile tea.



While waiting for our orders to come, we were served with complimentary slices of Lindt, four in a plate. It was much welcome! I also amused myself reading the interesting wordings on their paper placemat. Example: “good quality chocolates are not fattening.” 😀


A little talking with the waitress revealed that the cafe is owned by the Composite Group of Companies, distributor of high-quality imported chocolate brands like Toblerone, Ferrero Rocher, Ritter, Lindt, Merci, Frey and others. This explains why the cafe also serves as a showroom of their products. They have these lovely Ferrero bouquets and Lindt in heart-shape tins which should be in-demand during special occasions like anniversaries and Valentines.


We can’t resist buying stuff for take-home. Great for munching, or as gifts 😉 In the bag: Frey Swiss Premium choco, Riesen Dark Chocolate Chewy Toffee, Werther’s Original Cream Candies and Ritter Sport mini in assorted flavors. Yum!


Maitre Chocolatier Boutique Cafe
Unit 2A, #28 Jupiter cor. Astra Sts.
Bel-Air, Makati City Philippines
Tel. No. 897-8559

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