Leilanie’s House of Bags, BF Homes Paranaque

Because I live down south, I was glad that the much-awaited Leilanie’s House of Bags is now open. I’ve seen the manse with the replica of a pink Hermes being constructed, the huge billboards and banners along the highway, the newspaper ads … how can I not go and take a look?

Leilanie's House of Bags

Secondly, am curious to know who Leilanie Calderon is and why she has all these pricey bags. The building where her store is was used as the campaign headquarters of Paranaque City Mayor Jun Bernabe during the May elections. Are they in any way related?

Anyhoo, It was a good exercise ogling at all the Louis Vuittons and Chanel cambons in this part of town.The staff says most of the authentic designer bags on sale are owned by Leilanie. Naloka ako πŸ˜€

One thing that will make this store a conversation piece and a tourist attraction this part of Paranaque is the headturning building matched by ostentatious decor inside


For the customers, there is even free shoe polishing, free wifi and cellphone charging. I noticed the owner’s pictures placed in some spots. Hmm, she’s pretty πŸ˜€



Took quick shots of the authentic designer bags on sale with the iPhone. I wasn’t sure if they were going to reprimand me or not.

The Chanel rack (in the range of 50 to 100 thousand pesos ++) with a few Goyard (50 thousand up) and Balenciaga (69 thousand ++). A mix of pre-owned bags and brand-new.


The Hermes bags were in a special gilded cabinet (two hundred thousand pesos ++)


LV had the most number of bags on display, from twenty to one hundred thousand ++. Oh well Virginia, I have my own share of authentic bags but I’ve resisted buying an LV if only because every Juana totes it. We don’t anymore feel special πŸ˜€


Same with the Chanel flap bags (!!) and accessories (popularized by Jinkee?) This has prompted Gretchen Barretto to say: “I like Lanvin and Chanel accessories, but am not into Chanel too much anymore right now because everyone has it. (Preview Magazine, July 2010). Still, Leilanie had a few Chanel bling-blings and sunglasses on sale.


They had an extensive selection of Coach bags and I liked it since Coach is one of my favorites. Mid-priced but still well made πŸ˜›

Other bag brands spotted: Marc Jacobs, Prada, Ferragamo, Burberry and Gucci. There were one or two pieces of Bottega Venetta, Etro and Christian Dior.



Kitschy meets tacky. As impressive as the first floor was, the second floor was a complete fail. The latest model authentic Longchamp were sold side by side some low-grade replicas and ninety nine peso blouses from Bangkok. Leilani should have been consistent with her message. The least I would like to feel is have doubts whether she’s selling me a real one or a fake. There’s some gossip going around now in shopaholic Manila about a socialite who was apprehended by immigration in some European city. They accosted her for lugging along a fake designer bag when she knew she bought it from the expensive label’s flagship store in Manila. It is said that the socialite has since sued the store. Moral lesson: if it’s authentic designer bags, we’re probably better off buying in Hong Kong, Paris and elsewhere.

But I can almost feel her. This Leilani is a total baghag slash shopaholic!

Leilani’s House of Bags
191 Aguirre St. Phase 2
BF Homes, Paranaque

Tel. No. 975-9301, 0917-8033174

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  1. says

    must visit this place. wala, hindi ako bibili. curious lang. and yes, pretty pala sya. i was thinking of a n old lady na mukhang sosyalerang froggy. :p

    sana lang gandahan nila yung presentation ng bags. masyadong dikit-dikit! parang divisoria lang!

  2. says

    Hahaha. Oo nga Iya. If you’re into bags, you’ll scream in delight seeing this place…. until you go to the second floor πŸ˜€

  3. says

    Yes, I have seen Leilanie’s House of Bags … nice place. It has become one of the landmarks along Aguirre Avenue in BF Homes Paranaque

  4. says

    We passed by the store last June but its still under construction, i bought my treadmill there and i think its a must for me to visit the place, just curious and who knows baka may magustuhan for sure bibtbit ko ang papa ko

  5. says

    wow.. good thing i read the last part.. almost drooled over and actually contemplated on advancing my bonus and go for a ride here. πŸ™‚

  6. says

    An2nette, if you like bags, am sure me magugustuhan ka. Am thinking of buying a designer item or two now πŸ˜€

  7. Rhia says

    Are you kidding me?? The bags are FAKE! Oh, this will definitely not last..the LVs esp are fake..total ripoff..kawawa naman mga bumili..it’s very “made in Korea/ Bangkok…you’ll never see LV bags will cling wraps on the handle..I asked about the shop when I bought a bag in greenbelt & oh no Leilani! They are surely gonna look into it .. Goodluck!

  8. malditakat says

    The shelves are too cluttered. You are not giving justice to those expensive bags! Better presentation goes a long way. Btw, am kinda thinking not only twice but thrice on the authenticity of the bags particularly the LVs. Plastic cling wraps to protect the bags??? Doing so might even damage the bags for crying out loud! Tsk, tsk, tsk!

  9. jody bonilla says

    I am looking for a LV Irene in monogram canvas. please contact me if you have one or if you get one . Thanks you, Jody Bonilla