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On my birthday week, we find ourselves on a road trip to the great North. The seven hour or so tour bus ride was quite arduous, but nothing beats the excitement of this region which has been on my wishlist for some time now (having spent time here just briefly before, when I was younger).

Ilocos Norte will always be known as the bailiwick of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos (now, it’s their children who have taken over). But apart from its historical and architectural landmarks, the region can also enchant you with its natural wonders & sweeping coastlines – one of the best in the country.


I was certainly in awe upon seeing the area that surrounds Kapurpurawan Rock in Burgos town, Ilocos Norte. This cliff looked majestic. It could very well be a setting for a movie ….


The Kapurpurawan Rock itself is the white rock formation shown below which has reportedly been created by ocean movements and the waves of the sea. It makes for a nice photographic subject, but I couldn’t even go near as the waves were pretty strong that day.

Kapurpurawan Rock, Ilocos Norte

More rock formations:


You can walk through the scenic area during low tide. Just be careful not to get too close and underestimate the waves. The rushing waves surged past two of our companions, causing them to fall over. They ended up with scratches and bruises and had to be treated at the hospital 🙁 I was only a few meters away from them when they were swept by the waves, and it gave me quite a fright.


In the coastal town of Pagudpud, it’s also worth checking out Kabigan Falls .. if you feel like seeing something different in the area, aside from its famed beaches.

Kabigan Falls, Ilocos Norte

We trekked for 30 to 40 minutes to the falls with the help of a tourist guide. We passed by a total of three river streams and the walk not only exercised my limbs, it also afforded me a good look at what people do in the rural countryside.



The familiar sight of a grandma washing clothes by the river makes me nostalgic about the life I left in the province a long time ago 🙂


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  1. Wow! Kapurpurawan Rock is surely a feast in the eyes. This post excites me more for my upcoming Ilocos tour on February. I hope to pass by Kapurpurawan, with lots of cautious too. More power to your blog!

  2. ajay says:

    Hi Saggi. Enjoy the trip! The region’s beautiful….:)

  3. Gee says:

    been here too. will try to post some pics on my blog to share a closer look of the rock. 🙂

  4. Loraine says:

    Hi Annalyn! I’m bloghopping and stumbled upon yours. We met in this Ilocos tour. 😀
    I didn’t notice grandma washing her clothes during the trek. Funny that she is looking right at your camera.
    Hope you’re doing well and wishing you more adventures to come. Cheers! – Loraine

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