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I am sick of it. Everyone’s trying to diet. If women, especially, don’t have an appetite for anything, I wonder how their life in the bedroom is. LOL. Probably Boring with a capital B!

Dieting galpals exasperate me because I can’t seem to do it myself. The most success I’ve had with dieting is eating in moderation, and I know that’s not enough.

So yes, here’s some bad news: another buffet place in town. The Vikings buffet at the bay in Mall of Asia looks like it can give expensive hotel buffets a run for their money. Its edge: spacious, well-designed interiors and an extensive selection at only half of the price of what you’d pay in five-star joints. Presently, the rate is P688 for weekday lunch and P888 for weekends and weekday dinner. Kids below 3 ft eat for free and 75 years old and above senior citizens get 50% discount.


The highlights of this buffet:

A frozen yogurt station. Lots of desserts including native sweets, cakes, chocolate fountain & ice cream


Unlimited drinks including coffee, soda, draft beer (!!), juices and shakes ( a shrewd move on the part of the resto since how can we eat more if we’re stuffed full of drinks?) Here’s an interesting sign. It’s about time! 😀


Cuisines offered are Japanese, Chinese, Western, Italian, Filipino and a little bit of Korean. Don’t forget the carving station (it had lechon, roast beef and roast lamb when I visited) Also, the make your own pizza and the make your own salad stands. And the shabu-shabu which is served on individual pots in your table.

Pardon me if I didn’t take many pictures, as I was busy eating 😀

I skipped on the rice and I thought the Waldorf Salad I tasted was awful. However, I gorged on the salmon and the seafood (which Vikings specializes on). I also liked their dimsum, tempura and baked oysters. Yummy!

The miso soup was placed on these beautiful glazed containers.


Looks like the owners didn’t scrimp on the utensils and the place overall. Even the plates have a nice symmetrical shape. I see this place being flocked by people soon for special occasions and functions.

You’ll never get tired of the sushi varieties….



Of course I get nervous that Vikings says on its brochure that P888 is an “introductory” price. Hope they don’t increase their rates soon! and am certainly awaiting their P388 breakfast

Rating: Service is good. They can do better with some of the food, like the salads

Best to avoid this place on weekends when it’s crowded

Vikings (A Feast from the Sea)
Bldg. B, By the Bay
Seaside Blvd., SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City

For reservations, call
846-3888, 0917-5653888

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  1. MrsLavendula says:

    looks interesting! =)

  2. ajay says:

    worth trying since it’s cheaper than the other buffets…. hope they offer it in the Groupons soon:)

  3. ehrikk says:

    how much is the per head for this buffet?

  4. jo baraoidan says:

    ask ko lang do you have special offer for birthday celebrator?

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