Hands on with the Samsung 60 inch LED 3D Smart TV + 3D blu-ray player

I was never quite prepared for the thrill that I encountered using Samsung’s flagship 60 inch LED 3D Smart TV (model UA60D8000). From its posh metallic stand to ultra-thin body and trailblazing 5mm bezel, its appearance shouts AWESOME! at first glance (and we’re not even talking about its other features yet!)

 Samsung LED8000

Samsung Philippines had asked me to test their Smart TV back to back with their latest 3-D capable, wi-fi ready blu-ray player (model BDD5500). It was only for a record 24 hours but I realized there’s so much to enjoy in that short span of time when you have multi-tasking, do-it-all devices like what Samsung offers. The only problem was getting over the feeling of being attached to the object and wishing you’d win the lottery by Christmas 😀

We were billetted in an Aqua Supreme Room of Hotel H2O at the Manila Ocean Park (more on this hotel in another review). The walls were eyecatching because it was designed like an aquarium with live fishes swimming right before your eyes. Our baby girl was enthralled!


Soon enough, she forgot about the corals and the fishes as she settled on the bed with the big, bright TV in front of her.There’s nothing like cartoons, super brilliant pictures and a high-definition TV to catch the attention of a one-year old.


Verdict: you’d want this TV for your family as I did! While the price tag can be steep (retail price currently stands at P300,000 or so), there are merits in splurging on a high-ticket item like the Samsung Smart TV. True that buying stocks or a car for the price make for more worthy investments, but the joy in your children’s eyes as they watch Shrek larger than life and seemingly so alive on screen? Priceless!

Shrek as seen on Samsung Smart TV

The Samsung Smart TV’s prime asset is letting you connect to the web. It was nice to know that I could Facebook and blog my way out of this posh TV. But since we were with our baby girl, we watched cartoons all day. Here is the amazing side view, the thinnest I’ve seen of the new generation TVs.

Side view - Samsung Smart TV UA60D8000

The QWERTY remote control was a neat touch, useful for when you want to type and search for any of Samsung’s innovative TV apps (yes, there’s such a thing!)

Samsung QWERTY remote

At one point, hubby inserted an audio CD in the blu-ray player and out played Christmas songs. Aside from giving the enviable 3D viewing experience, the Samsung Smart TV is capable of rendering robust 3D sounds that makes you feel like you’re in the big cinema.

Samsung Smart TV

I let my daughter experience watching TV with 3D active glasses for a few seconds just to give her an idea of the whole experience. 3D really gives viewing a whole dimension. With this at home, I will never want to go out for movies again. And with the Smart TV, 2D movies can be converted to 3D but you can turn off the feature too in case your eyes aren’t up to it.


Popcorn and 3D movies…they go together.

Popcorn & movies...they go together

With Smart TV, a TV is an idiot box no more. I figure that if you own this TV, you’d have to spend some time to explore and familiarize yourself with many of its features. Amazing how you can surf the web, make Skype calls, search for TV shows, download apps, blog and tweet while still watching teevee.

No doubt the future of TV has arrived and we certainly feel glad to immerse ourselves in the experience. Smart TV for the win!:D

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  1. says

    excellent review, sir!

    this is a bit pricey though but, as you implied, it is definitely be a worth for your money.

    i would want to have this but seriously can’t afford this.

    if Christmas is going to be generous to me then i might get a chance to grab one of these.

    great blog, sir.

  2. says

    Hi Arbee, thanks for dropping by. Am a woman, hehe. Yes, this tv is state of the art & makes the LCD TV we purchased in ’09 obsolete. I would wait for Smart TV prices to go down or wish I won the lottery 🙂