3D fashion show by Ariel & Bench at Microtel Mall of Asia

Manila has been busy these days with the Philippine Fashion Week and outside of the shows was a unique event worth going to: the first outdoor 3D Projection Mapping Fashion Show organized by Ariel to launch its newest product, the 3D Deep Clean.

“Where are the models?” I asked as I arrived late for the show, and then somebody from Campaigns & Grey told me not to worry because there’s a replay a few minutes later.Turns out there were no actual models because their images were already pre-recorded and projected on a dazzling video screen that was the height of the Microtel hotel in Mall of Asia. Wear 3D glasses for best effect. It was totally high tech! Here’s an idea of how the whole show looked like:

The 3D fashion show featured the latest collections from Bench:

Ariel 3D fashion show

Ariel 3D fashion show

In the booths, somebody demonstrated how clothes washed with Ariel are whiter and washes dirt way beyond the surface compared to other brands. And of course I believe them because we use Ariel at home 🙂

the Ariel test

Spotted in white was Boy Abunda who hosted the program and is the top detergent’s celebrity endorser. Says he: ” I am privileged to have been one of the first to witness the 3D power of new Ariel 3D Deep Clean during its global launch in Dubai. I personally saw how Ariel used 3D technology to create a product that cleans even the deepest clothing layers. After that, I realized ordinary clean is no longer enough for our clothes. It has to be 3D Deep Clean by Ariel.”

Boy Abunda for Ariel

We actually spent the night in Microtel MOA. My little girl woke up to this awesome view of the MOA grounds and Manila Bay from our 11th floor room. More of my hotel review in another post.

Microtel Mall of Asia

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