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More on my rather belated report of Philippine Fashion Week 2011.

I spent the afternoon of my birthday last October 29 watching Ipanema’s preview of its Resort Wear Collection for 2012, as interpreted by these exciting designers: Anthony Nocom, Lyle Ibanez, Catherine Cavilte, Dave Ocampo and Raoul Ramirez.

Unlike Triumph’s all-female show, this one had male models thrown in which made me think of my gay friends. They should have been there watching with me, LOL. First to present was Anthony “Tonichi” Nocom. He banked on his reputation as a menswear designer but instead of the formals he’s known for, he gave his interpretation of laidback days at the beach or the resort.

PFW: Ipanema

PFW: Ipanema

The designs of Catherine Cavilte (who was very petite, btw) were uber-feminine. They made me think of cocktails and beach weddings.


PFW 2011: Ipanema

In between, I got this shot of Ipanema’s patron Patxi Elizalde who was seated in the middle of the front row, enjoying the show with wife Sofia Zobel and their brood.


Up next, Dave Ocampo’s array of beachwear was memorable by its use of geometric prints and translucent fabrics. “I made a collection celebrating colors, love, art, and feminism to emphasize the silhouette of the human form,” said he.

PFW 2011: Ipanema

Then, it was Lyle Ibanez’s turn to impress. I did like his use of bright, attractive colors in soft, free-flowing fabrics. “I went crazy with colors this season, lots of interesting silhouettes and rich fabrics like silk chiffon and jerseys,” Lyle noted. The clothes look best with Ipanema footwear, of course.

PFW 2011: Ipanema

PFW 2011: Ipanema

Seeing Raoul Ramirez’s collection and all I could think of was color blocking.It was eyecatching and very tasteful though and deserved to be the fitting finale of the show.” I drew inspiration from the design and colors of the Ipanema collection. That’s why I used both silk and spandex, and I showed just the right amount of skin to emphasize femininity,” the designer said.

PFW 2011: Ipanema

PFW 2011: Ipanema

It was a great show overall. I just wished the models didn’t walk too fast. As it is, I found it harder to take pictures here than with the Triumph show. Talk about my amateur attempt at fashion photography. See you next year! 🙂

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