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For a week now, the country has been closely watching developments in the second biggest murder mystery that’s happened in BF Homes Paranaque since the Vizconde massacre.

With how it’s turning out in the Ramgen Revilla murder, it’s not the usual suspects that are involved here but a seeming saga of family conflict over love and money and envy at who is getting more. Is this a fratricide, a modern day version of Cain and Abel or a Shakespearean tragedy? Only a proper investigation will show (but even so, the Vizconde case seems to be dragging forever, with acquittals and all)


It just feels eerie.I often hang out in this Starbucks branch whenever hubby is getting his shave or haircut at Bruno’s Barbers next door. This is the same Starbucks where Ramona Revilla – the sister whose name is now dragged in the killing of Ramgen – is considered a regular. And the baristas will tell you she was even there in the hours prior to the tragic incident and that she seemed to be in her normal self. She was often either alone or with a friend, they will say.

Starbucks in President’s Avenue would be familiar to most people since it is across the original branch of the famous Conti’s Pastry Shop and Restaurant.


Both Starbucks and Conti’s are just a short walking distance away from the gate of BF Homes Phase VI where the guards closely screen every car and person coming and going. And four or six houses away from the gate is the house where the Ramgen Revilla murder took place. I tried walking there tonight. It felt so dark and creepy that I had to turn back. There was light in their garage and nothing else. Tsk tsk. May his young soul rest in peace.

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