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Safety Riders

We all know about the host of accidents that Manila’s motorcycle riders engage themselves in, and the unlucky ones even die. It seems safety really is a big issue for our motorcylists who get sideswiped by buses or bumped off by trucks. I would only dare ride a motorcycle in the metro’s crazy streets if I go to this school that just opened. What’s investing a thousand pesos for the sake of your dear life, right?

Located at the Ortigas Home Depot along Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City, Safe-T-Ryders Motorcycle Training Center offers basic and enrichment riding courses that will give motorcycle riders a sound foundation to be safer road users. And the lessons are affordable too. The basic and enrichment courses, which include theory inputs and practical riding exercises, are priced at only P750 for each two-day program. For those who want to refresh their knowledge about riding safety, there is also a three-hour lecture for only P200.

Novice riders can get started with the Basic Safety Riding Course which has the following outline: (a) respect for traffic rules; (b) consequences of accidents; (c) road usage principles; (d) stopping and following distance; (e) mirrors, signals and blind spots; (f) right of way rules; (g) alcohol and fatigue; and (h) qualities of a good rider. The practical training includes (a) physical exercise, preparation and check-up; (b) riding position; (c) basic operations for moving, stopping and gear-shifting; (d) practice running S-curve and Figure-8; (e) cornering and speed control; and (f) slalom.

For more experienced riders who want to enhance their riding skills, Safe-T-Ryders has two levels of Enrichment Riding Courses. Designed as fast-track programs, these enrichment courses tackle more advanced topics on how to handle difficult road conditions, anticipate risks and avoid accidents. The lecture contents consist of (a) motorcycle inspection; (b) behaviour of various road users; (c) lane changing and overtaking; (d) defensive riding; (e) turning of long wheel base vehicles; and (f) risk forecasting. The practical training covers higher-level riding skills such as (a) balancing and low speed control; (b) blind spot, turning and lane-changing; (c) braking in different conditions; (d) deceleration after acceleration; and (e) vehicle handling with backrider.

Safe-T-Ryders is established by Arnel Doria, a respected marketing executive who played a key role in establishing Honda as a leading car brand in the Philippines and was instrumental in setting up the country’s first integrated vehicle training center, the Honda Safety Driving Center.

The center manager is Julius Ballesteros, a TESDA-certified instructor, who has just returned from a two-year stint as a safety driving instructor of a large Saudi Arabian company. He is assisted by Sulfikar Guiabel, an experienced LTO-accredited riding/driving instructor.

For inquiries about the Safe-T-Ryder courses, call 208-8035 or (932) 872-3389.

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