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Honestly, I’ve never heard of Jamba Juice till now but apparently, it’s a big thing for those who have been to California where Jamba is known as the king of fruit shakes, smoothies and all kinds of healthy drinks.

Jamba Juice opens later today, 11-11-11, in a new section of Bonifacio High Street in Taguig City called BHS Central. The franchise is being brought over to the Philippines by the Max’s Group of Companies which also owns Krispy Kreme in PH. Big time na talaga ang fried chicken na ‘to!

Prior to the opening, we were given a preview of the Jamba Juice experience which actually meant enduring long lines just to have a sip of that juice!

Jamba Juice Manila

This poster looks promising and gives you an idea of JJ’s offerings. I wouldn’t mind having more of this healthy and yummy stuff. The people behind the famous chain claim that their products are made only with whole fruits, with no artificial preservatives and 0g transfat.

Jamba Juice

No wonder, celebrities and health buff urbanites go gaga for Jamba Juice. Spotted at the pre-opening were models like Raya Mananquil.

Raya Mananquil

Pretty in blue: actress Isabel Oli –

Isabel Oli

It’s very simple to order in the store. The menu consists of classic and creamy smoothies, the so-called boosts and shots, fresh-squeezed juices as well as fruit and yogurt parfaits. There’s also steel-cut oatmeal, California flatbread and hot breakfast wraps. I did not see the official prices yet though, but being a foreign brand, I don’t expect it to be cheap πŸ˜€

Jamba Juice Manila

Server Kavin gave me the biggest size of this drink called ColdBuster since am nursing a bad cold today.It consists of a refreshing mixture of orange juice, peaches, bananas, orange sherbet as well as Immunity and Antioxidant Power boosts. Guess what? I felt better after the drink but I need more. LOL.

Jamba Juice Manila

Mabuhay Jamba Juice Philippines! Am expecting this brand to do well in the local market. Filipinos these days are truly spoiled for choices and cosmopolitan when it comes to their food and beverage. We want only the best from lifestyle brands like Jamba Juice πŸ™‚

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  1. JJ says:

    Thanks for the early post! Can’t wait to try their smoothies! πŸ˜€

  2. ikyachuckie says:

    We didn’t know about it too until we saw their billboard in EDSA. haha Love their banana berry!

    Check our post at http://reservedfortwo.blogspot.com/2011/11/jamba-juice.html πŸ™‚

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