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Surprisingly, Filipinos have mixed feelings about Manny Pacquiao’s win against Juan Manuel Marquez in their historic Nov. 12 bout at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. It wasn’t a knockout but Pacquiao was proclaimed the WBO welterweight champion based on judges’ decision. Scores were at 114-114, 115-113 and 116-112, in favor of Pacquiao.

In reality, some of my Facebook buddies thought Marquez played the better game, except for Round 12 where he appeared to have slowed down. Our friend Spanky called it an unconvincing win while others branded it “lutong Macau.” Some chorused: “even Manny is not proud of this game.” News reports said loud boos were heard for a long time at the boxing venue in Las Vegas.

Nonetheless we’re Filipinos and remain proud of our invincible sporting hero Manny Pacquiao! The only thing that can assuage restless parties now is a Pacquiao vs Marquez rematch or Pacquiao finally facing Mayweather in the next game, if that will ever come to pass.

This is the third time that Marquez probably feels he’s been robbed of a victory. The first two matches were equally controversial.The Pacquiao vs Marquez fight in 2004 was a draw while in the second fight in 2008, Pacquiao was declared the winner in a split decision. Maybe the Mexican boxer, also known as Dinamita, will now wear a shirt that says “Marquez beat Pacquiao three times!!!!” 🙂

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