Cherry Mobile price list – December 2011

Cherry Mobile Candy - violet

It’s Christmas bonus time and am sure a lot of people will be buying cellphones as a gift this Christmas. I know the feeling – I just gave a triple-SIM workhorse to my teenage boy who lost his last phone…ouch.

For mothers like me, cheap mobile phones will always be an option because we are practical. We can’t always afford the expensive cellphones from major brands because we’re watching the budget. Besides, it’s nice to go cheap when you’re just scouting for a secondary phone so it doesn’t “hurt” when it’s stolen or lost. So yes, beginning today, I’ll be featuring prices of mobile phones (not just Cherry Mobile) and if you’re a mobile phone brand, just drop me an email and we’ll also feature you.

Cherry Mobile android phones –

Candy (Android 2.2) – P3699
Candy Chat – P3699
Stellar – (Android 2.3) – P7899
Eclipse 2.2 – P4899
Cosmo -P5499
Orbit – P6499
Nova – P6899
Magnum HD – P11999
Magnum 2X (dual core) – P15899

Cherry Mobile tablets –

Cherry Pad – P3899
Cherry Pad Turbo – P6899
Supreme – P16899

Cherry Mobile dual SIM phones

C2 – P799
D11 – P999
D14 – P1299
Q20 – P1399
M12 – P1799
T2 – P1999
A5i – P1999
Z9 – P1999
T8 – P2499
M35i – P3499
W1 – P3499
D12i- P999
Q12 – P1399
D18 – P1399
D16i – P1599
F17 – P1699
F7 – P1699
T1 – P1899
D20i – P1999
M16 – P1999
Q6i – P1999
R7 – P1999
Q3 TV – P1999
M13 – P1999
M18 – P1999
Z5 – P1999
Z11 – P2299
T3 – P2299
R9 – P2399
A6 – P2499
T11 – P2499
T9 – P2799
X1 morph – P2899
M9 – P2999
X8i – P2999
S20 – P3599
T12 – P3899
W2 – P3999
X9 – P3999

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