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So bazaar season is here,and you know what this means right? The shopping madness begins! I love bazaars for last minute Christmas shopping and being a haven of unique finds. There’s always something here that I can’t find elsewhere and if you’re lucky, you can even haggle and bring the price down. Of course you can also go to a bargain paradise like Divisoria, but it gets too crowded there at this time of year. A bazaar becomes your bet for being accessible, safer and with airconditioning to boot!

A week ago, the family found ourselves in Rockwell Powerplant Mall in Makati City and I stumbled upon the Moonlit Bazaar. It looked attractive from outside with soft lighting emanating from the tents. I checked it out after paying a P100 entrance fee. This bazaar is relatively small compared to the Noel or Cuenca bazaars. Still, it was a treasure trove of interesting items and I ended up buying more than I expected.

lens mug

I saw a drink mug shaped like a camera lens but it was kinda pricey at P1000. So I settled instead for this cigarette lighter that looks like a miniature camera. Just press on the shoot button when you want to light up your cig. Neat eh? Only P250.


Something for the guys, or the bachelor. A telephone shaped like a girl wearing a bikini (or bra). P1,200.

bra phone

This is something to add to my Christmas wishlist. I love vintage style necklaces šŸ™‚

locket necklace

There was even a guy selling antiques and paintings. This pre-World War II gramophone was selling for about P45,000. It was still in good working condition

vintage turntable

Satchels are in fashion these days and these selections from the Philippine-made School Satchel were eye candy. Bag prices start at P3,800.

School of Satchel

Overall, this bazaar was geared for females. What I mean is that most of the selections consisting of bags, shoes, tops and other stuff were mostly for women.

What was in my bag: a white shirt from this store called Flattering Tops, an accessory ring shaped like a woman’s mask, earrings & bag organizer.

Catch the next wave of the Moonlit Bazaar at Rockwell on December 2 to 4 and December 9 to 11, 2011.

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  1. carlsant says:

    since it’s holiday, Its now the perfect time to earn some extra money by selling stuff. I just want to know how to join this bazaar? How much is the fee, if there is? What are the requirements to join? Can someone provide answers to my questions and provide necessary info? Your comments and suggestions will be highly appreciated. Thanks šŸ™‚

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