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This has been my favorite sandwich ever since I got acquainted with it a month ago (and I always thought I was a rice lady!) Even a jaded traveller like me can’t believe that the authentic taste of those mouthwatering Philly cheese steaks has reached our shores.

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

Peppers and veggies outside, perfectly frizzled beef inside. Add more dollops of cheese if you want πŸ™‚ At P280 for my favorite 7-inch classic Philly cheese steak sandwich, it is pricier than your average burger but really worth it, or in Tagalog parlance, “sulit na sulit!” They come in different flavors and sizes to suit your appetite. Choose between 7-inch, 10-inch and 15-inch. Or declare yourself the King of Philly for devouring a 10-inch classic cheese steak with 50% more meat and cheese πŸ™‚

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

And from November 22-24, have a bite of all the 7-inch sandwiches at Cheese Steak Shop Philippines and get another one for free. Who can possibly resist?

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

Rowena and I agreed that the Cheese Steak Shop needs more visible locations to really get popular with the public. The product is good enough as it is but it would probably do better in a location like Rockwell, for instance (ooops!). I just have to laud the amiable owner Mai Uy for staying true to the cheese steak experience and not taking any shortcuts.

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

For instance, foodies swear that the world-famous Amoroso Italian bread rolls imported all the way from Philadelphia makes all the difference in coming up with great-tasting cheese steaks. They’re hearth-baked (the equivalent of ‘pugon’ in the Philippines) and their perfect consistency comes from a secret family recipe.

Flying all the way to Manila, the Cheese Steak Shop’s head of franchising, Mr. Steven Oakes, demonstrates the rolls’ amazing freeze, thaw & serve technology and how it tastes as fresh as when it first came out of the oven, making it the perfect match for those authentic Philly sandwiches.

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

You are also lucky if the Cheese Steak Shop also has their Tastykakes in stock. They are cupcakes, krimpets, cookies and bars imported all the way from Philadelphia too. Worth trying by the little ones and for those with a sweet tooth!

Tasty Kakes

Find the Cheese Steak Shop Manila at
Ground Floor E-Hotel Makati
906 Arnaiz Ave (formerly pasay Road)
Makati City
Telephone 555-1818

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  1. i was supposed to try it kanina but when i passed by around 10:30am eh closed pa πŸ™ last day pa naman ng b1t1 promo!

  2. ajay says:

    Hi! You’d be glad to know they’ve extended the promo till Sunday, November 27. That’s according to their Facebook page πŸ™‚

  3. yah i heard. hope i get to dropby .. baka malabo e πŸ™

  4. carlsant says:

    very mouth-watering!!! I got hungry by just looking at the pictures! I want to try it, especially the 15-inch one. Good to know that they are just in Makati. πŸ™‚

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