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Everybody wants the iPhone 4s before the arrival of the highly-anticipated iPhone 5. So many features to love about the iPhone 4s, especially if you’re loyal to the iphone: dual core processor, 8 mp camera, iOS 5, the voice assistant Siri and as much as 64gb storage.

The Apple/iPhone lovers have gotten their independent units ahead of the official iPhone 4s launch by leading telecom rivals Smart and Globe tonight. For the rest of us, the official announcement from Globe & Smart is like a manna from heaven since availing of postpaid plans will entail little cash out or no cashout at all.

The Smart iPhone 4s prices and plans were the first to get leaked. Our verdict: it’s way cheaper than the postpaid plan offered by Globe:

Smart iPhone4s postpaid plans

On the other hand, official Globe post-paid price plan amounts to the following:

Plan 1799 – with P800 consumable + 3 freebies

– P- P4800 cash out for iPhone 4s 16gb
– P10,080 for 32gb
– P15,096 for 64gb

Plan 2499 – with P1,500 consumable and 5 freebies

iPhone 4s 16GB – FREE
P4,800 cash out for 32gb
P10,080 cash out for 64gb

Plan 3799 – with P2,800 consumable and 7 freebies

iPhone 4s 16gb – FREE
iPhone 4s 32gb – FREE
iPhone 4s 64gb – P4,800 cash out

Here are the freebies to choose from for Globe postpaid:

A: 10 mins of calls & 200 SMS to Globe/TM
B: 5 mins of call & 25 SMS to other networks
C: 10 mins IDD & 10SMS to 10 international destination
D: Free Mobile surfing for 3 hours
E: Unlimited Call & Text to 1 Globe/TM number

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  1. bradpitt says:

    Globe’s cheaper than smart, its all just marketing.

    It would really depend on how you’ll use the plan. on its unli- surfing, globe’s consumable already includes use on IDD. smart on the other hand tracks your usage thru free minutes, i doubt if IDD is included. Billing which are put on-top of your preferred plan will make your monthly bills go up a bit. So analyze closely whats best for your lifestyle.

    for me, its not much of a factor, im more on service reliability, trust, and what makes you happy.

  2. paul says:

    Globe is cheaper based on data you provided here.

  3. Ronald says:

    Smart offers MUCH cheaper iphone plans. Even their all-in unli plans are miles ahead of globe’s super unli plans. With smart, the entire plan amount is consumable unlike with globe. Some may argue that globe compensates with their “freebies” bundled with their super unli but if you think about the cost of each freebie (total plan amount less consumable), its insulting that globe is offering such plans.  The only thing making it hard for consumers to discern the better offer is the disparity between the total plan amounts. 1.2k vs 1.5k, 1.8k vs 2k and so on. If they offer the same plan costs, hell it would be day and night difference in terms of what you get for every peso you spend.

    @bradpitt: think what you want but the plan offerings of each telco speak for themselves. LOL@IDD

    by the way, im currently a globe postpaid subscriber. I’m still on a lock with them as i got an iphone from them almost 2 years ago.  It was a good deal before as Globe has monopoly over the iphone but now that the iphone is available with smart, i can see globe heading south.. Way south.

  4. nico says:

    What are the requirements for students to avail the iphone 4s on globe? I want to get 2 for me and my girl friend, please reply.

  5. Edmond says:

    How is Smart cheaper than Globe? Is there something I’m missing? The pricelist above shows that Globe is cheaper….

  6. ajay says:

    You may read Ronald’s comment 🙂

  7. carlsant says:

    Whatever it is I still prefer Globe. I’ve been using globe for almost 8 years though sometimes i encountered problems but it is very minimal. Globe also give’s freebies and perks to their subscribers.

  8. kim says:

    what do they mean by cash out?

  9. seha marilyn says:


    comparison of the two, it’s evident that smart is cheaper. I’m a globe postpaid subscriber and i still say smart is cheaper

  10. jackk says:

    Here is a sample computation on plan 1799 of globe and 2000 of smart, under globe plan 1799(24) + 4800 cash out = P48000.00,
    under smart plan 2000(24) +2500 cash out = P50500.

    globe cosumabe is 800, while smart is 150 mins x P6(minimum) = 900 + 200 texts = 1100.

    Globe has 800 consumable, the remaining 1000 is for the amortization of the unit.

    Smart has P1100(24) = 26400 for the call and text, the remaining 50500 – 26400 = 24100/24=1004 is for the phone amotization.

  11. jackk says:

    if you get a prepaid one, smart is cheaper.

    On 16gb, smart is P33,200.00, while Globe prepaid is Php 37,690.

  12. Nico says:

    How do u keep track of your consumption if you’re using globe postpaid. I availed the iPhone 4s plan on globe and I wanna keep track of my consumption in order not to exceed on my plan but I don’t know how. Please help me

  13. how to apply 4 plan iphone4s?what requirments?

  14. ambo says:

    I don’t understand the Plan P999. Seems like I can have iPhone 4S for only P999 per month with no cash out required. Is that correct??

  15. riam says:

    @ambo: you’ll have to pay 999/per for your plan and another 999/ per for the phone. Means you’ll be spending 2K/month.

  16. riam says:

    @ronald my best friend is currently a smart postpaid user i must say that there’s not much difference. The smart plan 999 has only 100 minutes of calls and 40 texts to all network(this came from a smart rep @ a smart store) so it’s not that practical either.

  17. john says:

    if you take the 499 pla? you can get the iphone 4s?

  18. Migz says:

    Wait, I wanna make some things clear,
    I’m planning for the 2499 plan on Globe for the 16 Gb model
    There’s no cash out? right?
    and do I have to pay P2499 already?

  19. zam says:

    I’m a student and i want to avail of globe’s plan. either for iphone or blackberry. can i ask what are the required documents/id’s for this? my mom’s going to pay for it but since she’s thousand miles away i’ll have to do all the processing. thanks in advance. this will very much be appreciated.=’)

  20. laine says:

    i don’t understand. i’m planning to have an iphone 4s on GLOBE’s plan 1799. so is this how it works? (correct me if i’m wrong).. i’m going to pay the cash out of 4,800 and after that on the following month i will only pay 1799? am i correct ?thats it? and what is this phone amortization? help me out please =))thanks

  21. Acee says:

    @migs, If you are going to avail the plan 2499, you’ll get the Ip4s for free, You only need to pay one month advance once approved.

    @Zam, You need to be 18 and above to apply for a postpaid plan, since you’re parents are abroad, a bank statement which has a good monthly flow is a requirement, usually a bank statement for the last 6 mos. School Id is valid.

    @laine, Yes, the 4800 cash out is one-time payment only, If approved, You’ll be paying 4800 for the cash out + 1799 one month advance = 6599 by the next billing cycle, you only need to pay 1799 or higher. depends on how much you’ve consumed.

  22. julius says:

    totoong bang plan 900 para sa phone at 900 sa plan?? bali 1800 nd 900 haii thanks pakisagot

  23. Jah says:

    What are the requirements needed? I’m a student. Please let me know. Highly appreciated.

  24. Ryan says:

    As ofw what are d requirements? I’m planning for a vacation dis may and i want to avail plan 2499 for my wife,,,,

  25. Jane says:

    Hi. I’m planning to get the Unlimited Data Plan w/ Smart. Then I would prefer to have the 64gb iPhone 4s. Correct me if I’m wrong please. Will it be that I need to pay the 22500 one time and then 1500 for the next 12mos? Then right after the 1year contract w/ smart for their Unli Data Plan w/ iPhone. So hows it will work? Will it be that the 1500/mo be lessen? Or what?

  26. Fernie says:

    Hi. I’ve been thinking lately of getting one for myself. I just want to ask, or get your opinion. Which is better? Buying the unit or getting it via Globe Postpaid? I can’t really decide on which of the two is best for me.

  27. Dustin Jones says:

    Hi. My name is Dustin Jones from USA. We have repair and refurbishing facility in Philippines close to Manila. This is not open to public but we do have about 500-2000 iPhone 3G, 3GS and i4 moving through here each month.

    We’re looking for wholesale buyers of 10+ pieces and to build a market in Philippines, instead of just sending back to USA or other country for resell.

    If interested, please e-mail me at djones [at]] ivox solutions dot com.

    Thank you


  28. Gian says:

    But still, Globe outsold SMART in iPhone 4S sales 10:1. Globe also got higher scores in Apple audits than SMART.

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