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The holiday season is all about parties and vacations. This is the time when women shop for clothes. The shopping can be stressful because most shops are packed, but we want to look good anyway. Among the local fashion labels, Petit Monde is a favorite for their clothes which are feminine and stylish.

And recently, they just signed up Maja Salvador and Melissa Ricks, two of best-looking, in-demand female celebrities in tinseltown to be their endorsers.

Maja Salvador, who just wrapped up My Binondo Girl reveals her favorite Petit Monde collection consists of long dresses, trendy shorts, and colorful cardigans for the cool December breeze.

Maja Salvador - Petit Monde

“If you don’t feel comfortable with your outfit, don’t wear it because it will ruin the whole aura and the look that you are trying to project. The key to dressing well is confidence,” Maja advises.

On the other hand, Melissa Ricks, star of the hit primetime soap Nasaan ka Elisa, relies on Petit Monde to dress her up in style.

Melissa Ricks - Petit Monde

“Petit Monde has everything from casual shirts, to formal dresses–different prints like floral prints and pastel colors! They even have accessories and colognes to boot! Petit Monde is really every girl’s one-stop shop for all their fashion needs,” says Melissa who will soon start shooting a new soap called Walang Hanggan.

Although Melissa has a stylist who helps her pick out her outfits, she still has the last say about the whole look, always opting for a simple yet well-put finish. Melissa is open to taking risks and exploring different styles.

For its 2011 holiday collection, Petit Monde offers a vast array of clothing that help these stars glam up just right for the yuletide season. If they can look good in their outfits, so can you 🙂

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