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I had the chance to take a picture of the lovely Valerie Concepcion a few days before she got embroiled in a controversy over her December 18 tweet about President Aquino laughing at her jokes at a Christmas party in Malacanang.

Valerie Concepcion

The tweet, sent to her 281,000++ followers and which she has since deleted, read: “Done w/ work.. Tnx for having me.. 🙂 It was nice to see Pres. P-Noy laughing at my jokes & enjoying my performance..ü #Malacañang #PSGNight”

It could have been any other tweet except that a lot of netizens didn’t find it timely. More than 500 people had just died in the floods that swept Northern Mindanao.Valerie also knew that the tragedy occurred since she also sent this tweet before going to the Palace Christmas Party: “Nakakalungkot po tlga.. ? RT @Karen_DaviLa: Nakakalungkot…magpapasko, ang daming namatayan dahil sa bagyo.”

Maybe, Valerie was just overcome with excitement and forgot to be politically correct at a very opportune time. I follow Valerie on Twitter and I know for a fact that she she regularly tweets about the goings-on in her career, her business (Posh Nails @ Venice Piazza) and her daughter Fiona.

But ever since the Dec. 18 tweet which elicited violent reactions the following Monday, December 19, Valerie Concepcion’s Twitter has gone quiet. Her last tweet apologized to people whom she might have offended.

Maybe she’s just busy. Or maybe she did feel traumatized about the incident.

My friends and I had a heated discussion about the matter on Facebook. Honestly, I don’t see anything wrong with the President attending the party of the Presidential Security Group which protects his life and that of his family.

I am just suggesting that maybe it’s time that the Palace drafts confidentiality agreements with the celebrities they invite for private Palace functions. In this age of social media, anything is “twittable” and subject to lots of interpretation 🙂

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  1. chrisair says:

    parang napahanga naman nia ako sa business nia, yes maybe you are right she just enjoy to tweet just like us who enjoy to post on net, let’s pray for CDO Iligan victims

  2. moirai says:

    This is my personal opinion:

    I, for one, do not see anything wrong with Valerie’s tweeting what she tweeted.
    And I agree with you. I also do not see anything wrong with PNoy’s attending a Christmas Party during that time.

    The problem is more on the part of people who are so quick in critizicing the President.

    While it is true that there are times PNoy does things that are worthy of criticism, I don’t think this is one such time. It wasn’t as if the government was at a standstill in terms of response to the disaster while PNoy was at the party.

    Just because you still continue to celebrate and attend parties does not mean you do not feel for those affected. I’m sure, a week after the tragedy, people will still celebrate Christmas, right? People will still have Noche Buena with their families, yes? Because fact of the matter is: life goes on. Life goes on for the rest of us who are still here. That does not mean we do not feel for those who lost their lives, loved ones, and property. That does not mean we can’t help. So if ordinary citizens’ lives can go on as usual, why can’t the President?

    Anyway… sorry for that rant. =P
    But just going back to your suggestion. I don’t really think there should be any need for confidentiality agreements. The problem is with the attitude of those too quick to criticize. I’m sure, with or without such confidentiality agreements, whether or not something was tweeted, if they want to find something to criticize, they’ll find it. =P


  3. vicky says:

    P noy has the right to celebrate xmas and the most important thing is his action to help the victims after the party. it was a natural calamity and no one not even the queen of england can stop it let alone another head of state like noynoy or any political head for that matter. sana the kababayans should not be so judgmental and direct their issues to more positive stuff like…glad that noynoy has a social life and need to relax during the xmas holidays…lets be kind to our president..and respect him so he will lead the country better. happy new year annalyn!

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