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Where I sit, it’s less than two hours before we ring in 2012 … a year referred to with doom by some. Hope not! We remain optimistic and abide by the reference to our Catholic prayer about a “world without end.” After the tsunami that hit Japan in March and the damages caused by typhoons Pedring and Sendong in the Philippines, we can only pray that there’d be no more calamities of such magnitude that will visit us in the coming year.

As we say hello to 2012, am ready to offer a thanksgiving because 2011 was, overall, a good year. There were hurdles but I’d like to believe that the good outnumbered the bad.Here are some highlights of the passing year that I fondly remember:

in Shanghai

1. Travelling for the first time to China where I was awed by the degree of their advancement. I loved the cosmopolitan vibe of Shanghai while relishing the landmarks in Beijing. Two days after the tsunami that swept Japan, we flew to Osaka and I thanked the heavens that the Kansai region was largely unaffected. I was glad to visit the Land of the Rising Sun after five years and it never ceases to amaze me. May was the time I flew to Brisbane, Australia. I still regret not exploring the continent but I savored those few short days enjoying the sunshine and observing the laid back lifestyle in the Gold Coast.

On the domestic front, we went to Tagaytay, Subic, Pampanga, Cebu and Boracay. Had fun staying in topnotch establishments like Hotel H20, Discovery Shores & Crimson Mactan. God knows there are still a lot of places to be explored in these beautiful islands. On my wish list this year are Bohol, Bantayan Island, Sagada, CamSur and maybe more of Palawan. Cambodia, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and India for overseas destinations. Am not venturing far coz am really still not over my Asia fixation… yet 🙂


2. what is travelling without food, right? Even so, am glad I don’t have to travel far to tickle my taste buds because the food scene in Manila is exciting as it is. So many restos are opening that it’s hard to keep track. Still, I can’t quite forget the lechon dinners we’ve had at General’s as well as Pepita’s Kitchen and being invited toa.Impressions at the Genting Club of Maxims Hotel, Resorts World Manila.

It was also worth knowing these restos in 2011: Chef Jessie, 2nd’s, Lugang Cafe, Firelake Grill, The Cheese Steak Shop, Zubuchon Cebu, Dolce Vita Manila, Jasmine @ New World Hotel, Vikings MOA, Le Bistro d’ Agathe, Mama’s Boracay, Mama Lou’s Italian Kitchen, Daniele’s Ristorante, Kenji Tei… to name just a few.

It’s worth noting that I don’t get to blog ALL of the food places we go to. Most of the time am just enjoying good ol’ liempo, tapsilog, shawarma, ramen or Indian fare in our southern home base of Paranaque City 🙂

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