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After the brouhaha caused by the photoshopped portraits of Charice and Jinkee Pacquiao in two rival fashion magazines, Rogue Magazine has come out with the scoop of broken-hearted star KC Concepcion in full butt-centric glory for its January-February 2012 double issue. Unlike Charice’s and Jinkee’s covers, KC Concepcion for Rogue is gaining more positive, than negative, comments.And KC seems to be saying here: “eat your heart out Piolo! am holding your head.” πŸ™‚

KC Concepcion, Rogue - Feb. 2012

She’s sporting shorter hair now. (because you know what they say, women do crazy things when they’re mending a broken heart). And the snake she is holding on the cover is real. It is her pet python Coco πŸ™‚

Prior to this, the 27-year old KC also covered for Rogue. In February 2008, to be exact, even before she and Piolo became an item.

KC Concepcion, Rogue -2008

which one do you like better?

Kudos to the Rogue team for the latest issue.KC was photographed by Mark Nicdao, with styling by Pam Quinones and make up by Juan Sarte III. The interview was done by award-winning director/writer Jose Javier Reyes and am really curious to read what she says here as I just chanced upon the KC cover on the Rogue Magazine Facebook page.Rogue is not a magazine I get to browse often but in those few times, I find the writing and the topics discussed to be top caliber. No doubt, there will be a mad rush on my part to the bookstore tomorrow. Am not really seeing the magazine in the neighborhood Mini-Stop and 7-11 πŸ˜‰

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  1. joy says:

    I like the 2012 photo of KC..
    About the cover photos of Jinky & Charice- I think
    the photo of Jinky was over photoshopped but not the photo of Charice. Its the make up, hair & the angle of the photo kaya gumanda:-)

  2. ali says:


  3. Lea says:

    the 2012 cover is so provocative, to say the least πŸ™‚ I love the 2008 cover. Actually, I didn’t know that this magazine existed (wahahaha; I must have been hiding under a rock?). Now, am really curious, got to get a copy hehe πŸ˜€

  4. jenifer says:

    ..Im n0t g0nna say “despearda” xa.. But unc0nci0usLy, she L00ks Like 0ne.. But anyways, it’s her Life..She’s happy d0ing it, s0 be it.. πŸ™‚

  5. michelle says:

    grbe ang sexy ni kc concepcion

  6. echozero says:

    wow ang gwapo ng guy sa baba.may ahas pa sa ulo oh

  7. KARYLLE says:

    Nahi2rapan akong humanap ng Rogue mags, wen ba available ito? I want 2 have a copy of it. Kahit hindi ako fan ni KC, but I learned to like her. Maganda, mabait at matulungin sa kapwa. Don’t wori makahanap ka rin ng tunay(?) na la2king magma2hal sa iyo ng bonggang bongga.Kalimutan mo na ang sis ni Bb Gandang hari. Maghanap ka na lang ng tunay na magma2hal sa iyo.I hope more copies of magz wil be available nationwide. Congrats sa bonggang career!

  8. papot says:

    putol ulo ka dyokla.

  9. marie says:

    wow ! kC ! ur phOtos are nakaka crAzy . :))
    hoping that Rogue mag will explode like ur photos . kLUrkee :))))

  10. mo mi juliet says:

    i love you kc…you’re one in a million!!!!

  11. raindrop says:

    what ever you do KC …sigh sigh…PIOLO still ignore ..

  12. raindrop says:

    she must sing” desperado ”

  13. camille pagara says:

    …kalorkey …

  14. jhona says:

    ……….hanep k KC ang lupet…

  15. wa2 says:

    im from taipei,taiwan how ca i get a copy of this magazine im a big fan of kc

  16. jumong says:

    sana lagi mong isipin na hindi na maibabalik ng isang pagka2mali ang mga baga2y dto sa mundo lagi kng matatag….su2portahan k nmin babaya-an mo si piolo bading talaga yon….

  17. cora says:

    she has an iconic face for this rogue’s edition. a powerful image.. Great job

  18. Jenine Louise M. Tadena says:

    Ate KC ang ganda ganda mo sobra nag-iisa ka lang talaga God has better planned for you makakahanap ka rin more than PJ. Good Luck to your X Factor I can wait to see your X Factor I Love You Very Much

  19. karla says:

    your so hot!!!
    love it

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