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Crumpler is a brand I’ve always relied on for the sturdy protection of my gadgets. It’s been three years already and am still using the two brightly-colored laptop bag and case from Crumpler to carry my Macbook. True that their products are a bit more expensive but you get safe portability and functionality in return.

By coincidence, I was sent items of Crumpler accessories to review: a bag tag called Limpet, a pencil case named Carrot and a camera strap called Noose. All attractive names, isn’t it? I welcomed this review since the Crumpler accessories line is something I haven’t fully explored yet.

Let’s begin with the Limpet. I immediately liked its choice of colors and the modern, jazzy design. This piece doesn’t really discriminate whether the user is a boy or a girl. It is elegant, period. Am sure anybody wouldn’t mind hanging this on their luggage when travelling.

Crumpler limpet

The best thing about this item is that it doesn’t look like a luggage or bag tag, unless you pull out the card containing the owner’s info. Of course, you can hide your money or credit cards in here too (like some women who stuff the most unimaginable things in their bra), but we don’t really advise this 🙂 It’s not meant to be a wallet.

Crumpler limpet

The Carrot is another object of desire. Pink and violet is an unexpected color combination that sits well on the eye.

Crumpler carrot

A nice shade of orange in the interior lining of this pouch, and that is why it’s probably called Carrot. I tell you what: this little thing is magic. Although this is meant to be a pencil case, I can’t believe the number of items I was able to stuff in here. These include a makeup brush, two lip glosses, mascara, ballpen, eye liner,flash drive & internet dongle. w00t!

Crumpler Carrot

The last item is the Crumpler Noose which is so called because of its shape. This is the picture of the Noose the first time I held it. You actually loop it around your camera so that you can hold it firmly with your wrist, as opposed to the cam hanging around your neck.

Crumpler noose

Using the noose is the less cumbersome way of carrying a camera for the shoot-happy. Open the red button and it even has a small pocket for a memory card. Amazing!

The Limpet, Carrot and the Noose are available at the following stores in Manila: Crumpler Bonifacio Highstreet, Crumpler SM Megamall & Crumpler Trinoma.

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