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Looks like TV personality Grace Lee is President Aquino’s latest love interest. I had to retrieve from my stock photos this picture I took of her last year in a party at Opus in Resorts World. She’s pretty all right. But what caught my attention was the big LV Vernis Alma bag she was carrying. Hmm, Made in Korea kaya or Made in France? LOL.

Grace Lee

This nation is fascinated with all things Korean too much, and this now includes our President. I have to give it to Korean girls: their skin is flawless and they really make an effort in dressing up.There is no way they will be losyang and only a few of them are fat (*sigh)

So yes, all telltale signs point to the fact that Pnoy and Grace Lee are seeing each other –

Pnoy (to reporters): “Yes, we are seeing each other.” (your confirmation means we will talk about you more) 🙂

Grace Lee: “Wala pa akong nire-release na statement & I’ve never spoken of him publicly YET.” (aha!)

Talking about Pnoy’s never-ending love life is getting old, but it’s a much-welcome relief from the Corona impeachment trial.Besides, Grace Lee is a much better choice than Thailand PM Yingluck Shinawatra who is happily “married” …..

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  1. Inquisitive says:

    Question, Sa pagkakaalam ko may boyfriend yan sigrace lee orginally before pinoy the Korean din. Ano na kaya nangyari dun? The last thing I heard on her radio show that she is still with this korean boyfriend…

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