Nancy Castiglione, Hayden Kho & Vicky Belo

It’s a quiet Saturday and I was wondering why there were searches for Nancy Castiglione in this blog. All I remember was taking a picture of her with her son in the 2010 Pampers Babylimpics.I thought she did well making her son eat a fruit like that.

Nancy Castiglione @ Pampers Babylimpics

Suddenly, I felt the need to Google her and it looks like there’s a brewing issue with no less than the Philippines’ foremost celebrity doctor, Vicki Belo, tweeting this. She sounded jealous.

Belo tweet

It turns out there were reports of Castiglione and Belo’s controversial fiance Hayden Kho kissing in some establishment in the Fort.

*sigh. Hayden Kho again. Sometimes I think he wants to be in the news just so he can sell those perfumes.

Following the incident, Hayden had to make a public declaration of love to @vicky_belo. But I must say: your actions speak louder than words dude šŸ™‚

Hayden tweet

It seems Cristalle Belo & the Azkals’ Jason Sabio are better off. They look so happy –

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