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It was stylish Sasha who alerted me to this new social photo sharing site called Pinspire. She told me to try and take a look as it was like Tumblr. Problem is, I never tried Tumblr, being stuck (and staying loyal) to older blogging platforms like WordPress. I get to ask: what else is there to try..it looks like they’re all the same banana yadda yadda yadda

But I have to give my curiosity a try. Did I ever tell you this is what happens when you attempt to make a living out of internet surfing? LOL. I just noticed that my blogger-friends are the ones who are always up-to-date about the latest developments in social media. I figure that this has something to do with our fear of extinction. You go with the tide or risk being run over with what’s hot in digital innovations. Just saying 🙂


The first step in discovering Pinspire is to create an account (obviously, hehe). And I was immediately greeted with all those alluring photos on the dashboard: cupcakes, cocktail dresses, pink rooms, lipsticks and other interesting things. Highly recommended if you’re into photography or just like ogling at photos taken by other people.

The purpose of sites like Pinspire is to achieve interaction. As in Facebook, if you like something, just go ahead and pin it! Or make a comment if something really catches your fancy. Who knows you might just get the followers you need, or more blog readers.

What I did was create a collection revolving around certain themes. So I went ahead and titled it Fave Food Photos, Travel Memories etc. In Fave Food Photos, for example, I included here photos from other people’s albums in the Pinspire site that I like or the ones from my collection. My stock photos of food are simply ginormous. I just realized it now as I look through my files…I’ve taken more photos of food than I have of my children (tsk). The hard part is remembering which meal in what restaurant it happened 🙂

For someone who takes lots of photos with her trusty digicam (it’s only a point and shoot, mind you), I am beginning to like Pinspire and what it does. My Flickr is now a big jumble of (sometimes) irrelevant photos. I like the fact that I can better organize my fave photos now with specific themes and collections under Pinspire. I also hope to make some followers and friends. How cool is that? Try it too @ Pinspire Philippines 🙂

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  1. Connie says:

    Pinspire is such a ripoff of PInterest! 😛

  2. ajay says:

    Hi Connie. I know, hahaha. BUt that’s the way it goes. The more the merrier. Seems it’s easier to join this one. At least I don’t have to request an invite, unlike Pinterest 😉

  3. chandra says:

    Hi how do I put links on the pictures uploaded to the pinspire.com

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