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Mr. & Mrs. Z are a hopelessly unromantic bunch. V Day gives me the creeps and I certainly don’t go ga-ga for flowers and chocolates on this day or ever! But invite me to an eatfest and I could change my mind 🙂

For the ultimate tummy-filler, we recommend the Valentine Royal Feast for the King & Queen of Philly at the lone branch of the Cheese Steak Shop in Manila. Good thing this promo is ongoing until the end of February so you can fulfill your cravings for the meaty goodness of these sinful cheese steaks.

The package includes one 10-inch King of Philly Sandwich for him which is made meatier with 50% more filling (beat that!). The hubby actually found the thing overwhelming but even so, I wondered in the end why he was able to finish the whole sandwich 🙂 Anyway, men will be men and cheese steaks are the ultimate man food!

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

For girls like me, included in the package is the Queen of the Philly which is their chicken cheese steak sandwich enclosed in those divine Amoroso rolls. This was my perfect sandwich since I love both chicken and cheese. I found this overpowering too but the trick is to munch slowly and enjoy the meal. You’ll be able to finish the sandwich in due time 😉

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

The feast also includes drinks for two, a Harrod’s stuffed toy and unlimited servings of their Valentine dessert buffet. I thought the desserts needed improvement but you can skip this, especially since everyone seems to be on diet mode these days. Besides, the sandwiches filled me to the brim already. I didn’t even have the heart to take any more dinner.

Cheese Steak Shop Manila

Total price for the Royal Feast is P1,500 which already includes everything I mentioned. Not bad eh?

The Cheese Steak Shop (Makati)
906 A. Arnaiz Avenue, San Lorenzo Village
Makati City
Tel. Nos. 550235, 5551818

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