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If there’s an ongoing whirlwind romance between President Aquino and Grace Lee and their three to five hour conversations are indeed true, I am alarmed. What state secrets are possibly being spilled? Do you imagine the repercussions that having a Korean First Lady will bring? Here’s some I can think of:

1. Kimchi will replace atsara as the national side dish

2. Bonchon will become the No. 1 fastfood in the Philippines

3. The Spratlys will be annexed to Jeju island

4. Mr. Kim’s Korean Grocery will beat Ministop and 7-11

5. More Koreans will “invade” the Philippines, of course

In the process of researching about this controversial girl slash DJ who’s reported talking (or joking) about going to the altar with the President, I discovered her blog. And I guess she can very well personify the classic dictum: the best way to a man’s heart is through her stomach. This Grace Lee can whip up a mean Korean meal as evident in her instructionals for Japche and Korean Beef Stew. It inspired me enough to make this:

Korean Beef Stew

The Grace Lee recipe for Korean Beef Stew or Galbi-jjim is how Koreans traditionally do it.It’s kinda laborious since you have to make pear juice as well as grind ginger, garlic and onion to a paste.All these are expected to lend flavor to the stew.

I made this dish (with a few shortcuts) and it was good! For the full Korean beef stew recipe a la Grace Lee, click here.

What will happen again if, by chance, we get to have a Korea-born First Lady? Korean Beef Stew will replace kaldereta in the national consciousness.

Are you ready yet? 🙂

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