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I first heard of Physiogel from a derma who recommended it to me and my babies. This is one product that I don’t often see in supermarket shelves but is a fixture in drugstores and skin clinics. That certainly says something about Physiogel’s reputation among pharmacists and doctors.

It’s secret? The ability to resuscitate dry skin with a revolutionary technology called Derma Membrane Structure (DMS). DMS repairs the skin barrier and helps prevent moisture loss, whereas conventional moisturizers may only provide temporary moisturization by coating the outer layer of skin. Physiogel is clinically proven to lock in moisture in skin for up to three days even with washing. This is certainly good news for people who go through their daily life having dry and seemingly unhealthy skin.


Truth is, one of three women or 35% have dry skin and are not aware of it, let alone know how they can prevent their skin condition from worsening. Among the causes of dry skin are the following: prolonged exposure to air conditioning, smoking, stress and exposure to outdoor elements such as sun, wind and cold air. Bathing or cleansing in hot water or with soap also does not leave kind effects on skin. All these factors bring damage to the skin barrier.

Ward off skin dryness, repair sensitive skin with the expert-recommended Physiogel Cream and Lotion with DMS Technology that repairs skin as it moisturizes. Also available is Physiogel Cleanser with gentleness next to water, making it suitable for cleansing sensitive skin.

Physiogel is the no.1 prescribed moisturizer by dermatologists and pediatricians. It is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

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