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An invitation that read “this is where PNoy took Grace Lee out on a date” certainly got me curious about the new restaurant called LuLu in Rockwell. Okay, this used to be the old resto called Lu (which I never got to try) until it was sold to the new owners, Chef Tom Hines and DJ/ businessman Rodel Intia.

Judging from the initial degustacion (where I sampled a little bit of everything that was on my lunchmates’ plates), looks like LuLu is a place I can go to again and again, budget permitting 🙂

First of all, I like the merry mix of contemporary and retro in the interiors. I heard that they’re going to renovate soon but I do hope they don’t change these attractive red chairs….

LuLu interior

The rather long menu is well thought-out and not mundane (read: ordinary). This is culinary fare you would expect to find in hotel fine dining outlets but the prices have been slashed down to please the mall crowd. And it’s a good thing!

Here’s some of the food you can expect to find in LuLu:

The classic beef wellington (P850) was reportedly what President Aquino ordered in the only time he’s dined here. It looked impressive enough: tenderloin of beef is enclosed in puff pastry then topped with mushroom duxelles and red wine sauce. What’s good is that the meat came out amazingly tender. I wish I was able to enjoy this dish to the fullest.


But I ordered the US Certified Angus Beef Entrecote (P1250) instead and while I specified “medium,” this came out rather well done. I still like the specialty entrecote offered by another restaurant but it seems I couldn’t resist munching on the pomme frites that came with my steak in LuLu.:)

LuLu Rockwell

For seafood lovers, the Green Tea Salmon (P650) with wilted spinach and lemon mashed potato looks inviting. This is a new take on our favorite fish, if you’re tired of having baked salmon that is.

Green tea salmon at LuLu

Somebody in our table said LuLu’s Mac n’ Cheese scented with truffles (P420) is the best. How can it not be when it deftly combines five luxurious cheeses? The dish was filling enough and I wondered why they put this under ‘Appetizers.”

LuLu's mac n' cheese

More food porn: (what my friends ordered)

Ultimate Pork Chop (P620), one of the house bestsellers. I liked that they had pumpkin mash as siding, instead of the usual mashed potato.

LuLu Rockwell

The 12-hour Mediterranean Lamb Shank (P695) certainly looked like it was worth waiting for.

LuLu Rockwell

LuLu’s other promos like the P695 Sunday brunch and lunch sets which they call Prix Fixe Lunch give me reason to go back. They certainly left a good impression.

Chef Tom and Rodel will warmly welcome you to LuLu 😉

LuLu Rockwell

Address: G/F Joya Building, Joya Drive
Rockwell, Makati City

Tel. No. 403-3991

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  1. docgelo says:

    who would say no to that witty (and naughty) “pick up line” on an invite (except perhaps if your sched is loaded)?

    such a nice food porn to view so early on a weekend morning!

    enjoy your new week, ms. ajay! 🙂

  2. ajay says:

    Hi Doc. True, my schedule is loaded but I had to find time for this resto. Feeling ko kasi ako si Grace Lee. hahaha

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