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Marvin Agustin

We were able to catch up last week with actor Marvin Agustin who has just been hailed the latest brand ambassador of Knorr. It’s no mean feat since Knorr as a recognized global brand usually taps noted chefs and other experts in the culinary field. But Marvin is an exception since aside from being a famous actor, he’s also known for his growing “empire” of restaurants, among them Sumo Sam, John & Yoko, Mr. Kurosawa, Marciano’s, to name just a few.

Marvin said he has 22 restaurants at the moment which will grow to 30 within the year as they branch out to the provinces. It is an inspiring story, to say the least, since we all know Marvin rose from humble beginnings with his father (formerly) in jail and their mom raising the family singlehandedly. It’s laudable that the actor turned the money he earned from showbiz into a good investment in the food business.

Marvin said he agreed to be a Knorr endorser since it’s a brand they’ve always used at home, even while growing up. For example, we all love soups like tinola, nilaga and sotanghon. Marvin believes that only Knorr Cubes can deliver the meaty flavor and goodness that meet his standards of a great tasting soup, and it is the only cooking aid he is willing to recommend. Knorr’s meaty superiority has been proven by an independent lab test showing it to have at least 5x more meat flavor than other cooking aids. So it efficiently and effectively delivers that meaty flavor at a level that other cooking aids do not.

As the newest Knorr chef, Marvin will share his expertise with moms and other cooking enthusiasts from all over the country. We should be seeing Marvin in the new Knorr TV commercial (if they haven’t shown it yet)

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