J.CO Donuts & Coffee opens in the Philippines!

We were thrilled to be part of the J.Co experience yesterday as the donut brand opened its first flagship store at The Strip in Megamall Bldg B. The store was filled to the brim with celebrities and guests. Oh-so-delicious donuts were generously distributed for everyone to try, with matching drinks to boot.

J.CO Donuts

Our verdict: this coffeeshop chain which originated in Indonesia is sure to be a hit in dessert-crazy Manila. Particularly as they also have yogurt with different kinds of toppings and the widest assortment of beverages… both hot and cold. Oooh la la!

Don’t ever think of dieting. J.CO’s J.Club Cheezy Rich Donut Sandwich is my recommended must-try snack this season. Think of our rich local ensaymada combined with donut and further enclosed in the middle with a slice of cheese. It’s enough to keep you full and satiated for a couple of hours at only P45.


J.Co Donuts have quirky names and this one is called Mona Pisa. It’s a savory donut with sliced bits of sausage and yes, more cheese. I used to think that donuts were just desserts and this combination floored me (because I haven’t even tried the donut burger from Offbeat yet). The combination of salty and sweet is just perfect.

J.Co Donuts

Their almond donuts called Al Capone is everybody’s favorite and a bestseller. It’s soft to the bite, divinely glazed with white chocolate and topped with almonds, of course. After Magnum ice cream’s almond flavor, this is another one to try! 🙂 Almond, almonds, almonds!

J.CO Al Capone

Avocado DiCaprio is another novel take on donuts. Unfortunately, I was only able to take a photo of this ( I can only take so much calories, you know) Other flavors include Heaven Berry (strawberry), Green Tease (green tea), Choco Loco, Why Nut (peanut butter with white chocolate) and lots more.


The good thing about this chain is their extensive menu of beverages like coffee, tea & chocolate drinks. As with the donuts, you’ll never be wanting of flavors to try!

J.CO menu

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  1. says

    havent tried J.Co yet but i’m excited to try coz of the cute names of their donuts! Hihihi!

  2. Joanne Labajo says

    i am in indonesia right now and i am a big fan of jco here!!! i have it almost every week and i really look forward to be in one of its branches in pinas!!! hoorraaayyy JCO!!! I am not going to hand carry 2 dozens of jco anymore if i’m going back to pinas… i am really so happy!!!!