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my favorite treats from the Korean grocery!

I can’t read the label but I just know they’re good.

Exhibit A is what I’d call “Fish Be With You” which is priced for only P35 in my suki Korean grocery. The makers were sweet enough to shape this ice cream like a fish.


The best thing about this is its portability. You can actually hold the ice cream sans the wrapper because the crispy wafer holds it all together.

And when you bite, crunchy meets creamy vanilla. The clincher is the addition of my favorite azuki (red) beans. I really love azuki in my mochi, bread and ice cream πŸ™‚


Exhibit B is shaped like a flower this time and also has the same red beans. Only that it has a green filling which the Korean lady manning the till says is “rice cake.” I prefer this to Exhibit A now. It also has the right amount of sweetness.

Korean ice cream

Nomnomnomnom. This is my kind of sandwich…. the cold kind πŸ™‚


More sweet treats. I wanna try them all…

Korean ice cream

Don’t worry Magnum, you’re still nearer to me. But in the case of my fave Korean ice cream, absence does make the heart grow fonder πŸ˜‰

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  1. azrael says:

    ay naalala ko ito
    i bought some last year sa korean grocery in ortigas
    lagi din ubos

  2. Oh wow!! ive only tried Melona and I love it. Kinda hard to find Samanco and the others but so looking forward to trying them πŸ™‚

  3. ajay says:

    Az, sa me amin hindi naman ubos, hehehe

  4. MrsLavendula says:

    I was able to try the fish icw cream sandwich and i agree it was so good!

  5. rnpcag says:

    Where is your suki Korean grocery? Sa Westgate Korean grocery ang expensive eh. P50.00 siya. Looking forward to your response.

  6. ajay says:

    My favorite Korean grocery in Alabang is the one in Molito. But for really cheap items, try Cartimar πŸ˜‰

  7. Eileen says:

    I prefer the Korean ice cream than Magnum which I found to be too sweet.

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