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Yummy Everyday Pasta Cover

I just got my free copy of the Everyday Pasta mini cookbook sent by YUMMY.I like these little books and have collected them from way back. Among those in my file are Weekend Cooking, Menu for a Month, Meals in Minutes, etc. They’re so handy and I can easily go back to them when I want a recipe for a certain food category.

As the name implies, the lil book is bursting with 62 pasta recipes that are easy and fun to make. Whether you’re an expert cook or a kitchen novice, it teaches us how to explore the many ways by which pasta can make your meals wonderful.

So yes, am dying out to try the YUMMY recipes for Malunggay Pesto, Tinapa Cream Sauce, linguini with longganisa sauce and shrimp aligue. Or whip out Western specialties like Italian meatballs in marinara sauce, chicken tetrazzini, pasta al nero or luxe mac and cheese with truffle oil.

Everyday Pasta is now available at newsstands, bookstores, and supermarkets nationwide for only P125. For more of YUMMY online, visit www.YUMMY.ph, become a fan on Facebook via Facebook.com/yummymagazine, and follow them on Twitter via Twitter.com/yummyph.

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  1. Mr Z says:

    Truffle oil for that “luxe” mac n’ cheese will set you back more than the book costs:D

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