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Even though it’s online, Spot.ph has come out with a hard copy version (in booklet form) of its Top 10 Everything Food Lists. In a nutshell,it’s all about the different kinds of food that’s tops in the heart of spot.ph editors and contributors.

I have to say that Top 10 lists are always hard to make. Oftentimes, they’re subjective; tastes vary from one person to another. But I have to agree, and just consider myself lucky, to have tried some items from their list. Although it’s a shame that I live in Paranaque and still have to try Maty’s. Must go soon! πŸ˜€

Some things NOT on the list: Manila’s Top 10 best buffets (there seems to be a healthy competition between Buffet 101, Vikings, Yakimix and the rest of them). How about the best adobo, or the best pizza?

My officemate from San Juan would surely put in here the lechon kawali or the pancit of Aling Banang’s. And am still partial to Chic-Boy’s lechon sisig and Jonas Pares.

Anyway, here’s a sampling of spot.ph’s Top 10 list – the Potluck Party Food to Order:

1. Cochinillo from El Cirkulo
2. Chicken relleno from Romulo Cafe
3.Dulcelin mango torte
4. Freska seafood tray
5. pancit canton from Ado’s Panciteria
6. Yulo’s strawberry shortcake
7. Red Velvet Cake from Karen Young
8. Crown Roast of Pork from Adarna Food & Culture
9.Pork barbecue from Urdaneta Village
10. Conti’s Roast Beef in Mushroom Sauce (I like Chef Resty’s though… the one in the weekend markets)

So there.. if you want more of the lists like the Top 10 mami, lechon, buffalo wings, nachos, siopao, chocolate cakes etc., get yourself a copy for P150. We daresay it’s a foodie must-have, along with the Claude Tayag book Linamnam πŸ˜‰

P.S. I’ve been enamored with Pinspire lately, the newest photo sharing site on the web where I can post photos or repin images I like. I’ve put up a collection of Yummy Food and considering all the delectable offerings in the planet where a foodie like me has to try everything far and wide, this list of mouthwatering food photos is ever-growing πŸ˜‰

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