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This is for the young, and the young at heart (like me, lol). 17-year old Elmo Magalona, the sixth of eight children of the late master rapper Francis M and Pia Magalona, has just been signed up as the celebrity endorser of Oishi’s O, Wow! campaign.

Elmo Magalona

Elmo Magalona for Oishi

We love Oishi. Blogging right now while eating this chichirya called Baked Porky Popps… do try, this is definitely better (and cheaper) than chicharon! 😀

Going back to Elmo, his appearance is a cross between his mom and dad although it’s elating to hear that he’s taking after the footsteps of the legendary FrancisM. Not only does Elmo rap like his father, he writes his own songs too.

Just last year, Elmo composed his first song entitled “Three Stars and the Sun.” Although not yet formally released, making the song is Elmo’s own O, Wow! moment. “That’s because it has always been my dream to write my own songs.”

When asked about a special person that makes him go O, Wow!, Elmo chooses of course his late father. “He touched a lot of lives during his lifetime. His music, his life and all the things he went through inspired so many people. He really is my idol and a lot of people also consider him as their idol.”

By signing up Elmo Magalona as an endorser, Oishi hopes to connect to a younger and more adventurous generation, says Ms. Shera Tiu, Liwayway vice-president for marketing. Oishi aims to reinvent the wheel of snack foods to cater to a wider market and satisfy its legions of loyal consumers.

On April 21, Saturday, join Oishi as they schedule a meet and greet with Elmo at 5 p.m. in Trinoma Activity Center, Quezon City. O, wow! 😀

P.S. I’ve been busy with the photo sharing site called Pinspire lately and added a board called Pinoy celebrities featuring photos I’ve personally taken of showbiz stars. It’s been fun meeting Elmo, Toni, Piolo, Bea and the rest of them…. hope this collection grows coz there’s nothing that leaves me more awe-struck than meeting the very people that makes showbusiness rock!

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