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Is Facebook on the way out? Most would say “not really,” but it seems netizens (mostly women) have another diversion these days – photo-sharing sites.

Growing up in media, I used to think photos were gold and prized stock photos were much sought after. Now with the advent of the digital age, it seems that’s no longer the case. Taking beautiful photos is the preoccupation of everyone and people are passionate about sharing – the more the merrier.

So yes, Pinspire is one of those sites I’ve been hanging out in lately. It actually has the same interface as another popular site that also starts with the capital P but it seems Pinspire has more Pinoy users which means a local community you can easily relate to. And I’ve been looking at the pictures…


Santorini is still a dream destination, but some place we hope to visit soon, God willing 😉


Now it seems we don’t need to buy those expensive design mags because one just needs to look through the archives for interior decoration tips. For example, you can get ideas on how to beautify a small room….

For the food lover, a nifty idea for your next party…

Veggie bundle

A pick-me-upper for when you’re burdened with nasty things like office politics….

Quotation - Pinspire

Happy surfing! 🙂

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