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Jollibee Delivery is my family’s ultimate go-to when we want a quick snack or when there’s no food cooked at home. But the other day, we were in for a different kind of treat because no less than Thor & Incredible Hulk (from The Avengers) movie came in full costume to visit our neighborhood 😀 They had the added treat of bringing the new Jollibee Avengers buckets….yay!

Thor & Incredible Hulk

The kids were thrilled to see the two characters and it was just unfortunate that I wasn’t around when all the excitement happened. The only person who wasn’t excited was our baby daughter Lucia who got genuinely scared of Incredible Hulk… oh my!

Lucy gets scared of Incredible Hulk

From the official press release:

Get hold of Jollibee’s The Avengers collectibles for a limited time this summer.

Avengers Bucket

The Jollibee Chickenjoy Avengers Bucket is a reusable bucket emblazoned with images of your favorite Marvel Super Heroes, available starting April 11.

Enjoy the six-piece Chickenjoy bucket at the same affordable price of only P335. Add P60 to get three sides of rice and three regular-sized drinks, or P140 for three Jollibee Spaghetti and three regular drinks.

Satisfy big-sized Chickenjoy cravings with the eight-piece bucket at only P425. Make the langhap-sarap feast even grander by adding P70 for four rice sides and four regular drinks, or P170 for four Jollibee Spaghetti sides and four regular drinks.

Jollibee Kids Meals have Marvel’s The Avengers Super Hero Showdown items and special comic books.

Bring home the Defense Launcher that doubles as an Iron Man tumbler. Clip the disk embossed with Iron Man’s chest plate emblem in place and then push the buttons on both sides to send the shield flying into the air. You can also grab the Thunder Spinner which also works as a Thor tumbler. Simply thread the ripcord through the hole in the lid, pull back and release, and watch the Thor disc zoom across the room.

The Marvel’s Avengers Super Hero Showdown toys also have a handy dome lid where you can keep your secret stash of power snacks to keep you fueled for every possible adventure each day. For Marvel enthusiasts, you can also choose to take home the special Avengers comics. Be the coolest among your friends and score a customized comic book featuring Jollibee in an action-packed adventure alongside Marvel’s The Avengers Super Heroes and a re-printed copy of the 24-page Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes comic book.

Collect the two limited-edition Marvel’s The Avengers Super Hero Showdown toys and the two comic books starting April 24. Choose among the Yumburger Meal (P80), Spaghetti Meal (P80), 4-piece Chicken Nugget Crunchers Meal (P95), and one-piece Chickenjoy Meal (P99).

avengers mug

Also on hand is Marvel’s The Avengers Hero mugs. Available in black and blue, these awesome mugs are specially designed with line-art images. Pour your favorite hot beverage and watch as the formidable team of Super Heroes magically reveal themselves.

Grab The Marvel’s The Avengers Hero Mugs for only P55 starting April 22 with every purchase of a Jollibee Burger or Sandwich Value Meal.

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  1. Jeze says:

    Available pa ba ang hero mugs? I’m interested in getting both?

  2. PrIncesz says:

    Nabasa ko rin yung sa Jollibee pero I didn’t post anything about it. Hindi kami kukimaan sa Jollibee unless wala na talagang iba at mahapdi na ang mga sikmura namin. Yung burger nila soggy. Yung patty puro extender kaya malabsa. Yung chicken lasang mantika at yung gravy lasang knorr cubes. And spaghetti puro starch and sauce. Mabibilang mo ang hibla ng giniling na karne. Subukan mong magtulo sa damit mo at sa hirap alisin ng mantsa, malalaman mo kung gaano karami ang food color. And medyo angat lang sa menu nila ay yung peach mango pie. Siguro, talaga lang hindi kami ma-fastfood kasi naico-compare namin ang quality na iba’t ibang pagkain.Isa pa, yung accolade sa may-ari ng Jollibee ay para sa business success nya at hindi dahil sa quality ng pagkain doon. Ang phenomenal success ng Jollibee ay dahil sa mga adverts nito na talaga namang ginagastusan. Sila ang nagsimula ng mga TV adverts na talaga namang kukurot sa puso ng Pinoy. Ginaya na nga ng McDo. Feeling ko, yung gingastos sa advertising, ibinabawas naman sa quality ng pagkain.

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