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The invitation read: rockeoke night at Greenwich Katipunan. Katips (which is how some people refer to this campus area) is generally no man’s land for me because it’s at the end of the equator (the north to my south). But I just couldn’t say no to this girl: the new PR manager for Greenwich Pizza, Ms. Cookie Cabrera.

Cookie Cabrera

Believe it or not, I actually enjoyed the long drive to Katipunan because it made me see an area I don’t always venture into (yes I know right, this is ONLY Manila!) A change of scenery can be good sometimes (even if you see mostly smog in this city). Plus, there seemed to be interesting restaurants worth trying.

Anyway, the Greenwich Rockeoke Night was one event I enjoyed since it was a small crowd, had a simple objective (singing + eating + a little chatting). Not to mention, it was organized by the same publicity firm that made Magnum ice cream a public sensation.

Take a bow Adrian 😀


I’d get Franco to star in a Greenwich commercial with the storyline: people on the Cohen diet can eat pizza too 😀

Franco Santos

More pizza love: Mrs. Martinez

Michelle Martinez

I really loved Greenwich’s 7 Cheese Overload Pizza.It was oozing with good cheese but the price remains reasonable. In the background, Jonel and Marjorie.


Greenwich’s new Spaghetti Supreme is priced at an inflation-busting P49.The whole plate comes with tasty Garlic Stix, 25% more noodles, yummy sauce with ground beef and freshly-grated cheese. This one is highly recommended to ease your hunger pangs this summer.


The family (this mom plus kids) just ate in Greenwich last weekend and am glad to say it’s a no-fail palate pleaser for the young uns. Pizza + pasta + soda are things they can never say no to. I can’t believe you can have a royal feast in this fastfood chain for a less than 1000 pesos….and it’s all good. Thumbs up Greenwich!

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  1. Awesome night with you AJay! 🙂

  2. MrsMartinez says:

    Just saw my photo in your post lol

  3. ajay says:

    I miss this…. LOL

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